TRIO News and Events

TRIO Students at Oakton Community College stay involved on campus by participating in activities and events in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

To be considered in "good standing" with the SSS TRIO program, students must fulfill participation requirements each fall and spring semester.

This requirement may be met by:

  1. Meeting with your TRIO Advisor at least twice each semester
  2. Participating in at least two TRIO or Oakton Events or Activities

Examples of Events:

  • TRIO Workshop or Event
  • Tutoring session; meeting with Learning Center staff; discussion with instructor on progress in course; attending a theater performance on the Des Plaines campus; workshop or session with career counselor; meeting with a transfer advisor from a school of interest; any other workshop or speaker at Oakton.
  • Any questions about an event’s eligibility should be discussed with your TRIO advisor.

Upcoming TRIO Events

Keep an eye here for upcoming events!