Help your ESL students succeed

Below are some guidelines for working with ESL students in your classes:

  • Ask ESL students about their current placements in reading and writing. Encourage them to take the appropriate courses. Students can contact the ESL Coordinator for advising help.
  • Inform students about Oakton's ESl speaking and listening courses (EGL 078, EGL 081, SPE 103 - NN)
  • Refer students to the Learning Center for hel with reading and writing and to the Language Lab for listening, speaking and pronunciation practice.
  • Do NOT change your standards, but be patient with students who "write with an accent." In other words, ESL students may continue to make article and preposition errors and sohisticated verb tense errors long after they've completed teir English requirements. However, if there is no interference with meaning and students use appropriate college-level vocabulary, these minor errors can be overlooked.
  • Make sure students have enought lead time in writing assignments to get the help they need from the Learning Center.
  • Encourage students to show you assignments in progress.
  • Please refer students to the student links on this site, where they can find lots of opportunities for learning and practice.
  • Remember that anything you do to help your ESL students will probably help all your students.

Here are some web sites that have useful information for faculty working with ESL students:

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