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At the end of WWII almost all metal machining was accomplished by hand cutting the desired shape using a lathe or milling machine. While this process had worked well for may years the quality of the finished product depended greatly on the skill of the machine operator. As the 1940's were drawing to a close a man named John Parsons conceived the idea of using a computer to control the positioning of tooling in a automated machining center. The numerical control "NC" machine and then shortly after, the computer numeric control "CNC" machine was born. Today almost all production and prototype metal cutting is performed on CNC machining centers. Historically these machines have been divided into two classes, Turning Centers and Milling Centers. This division has recently become somewhat blurred as multi-axis machining centers are now on the market that can perform both functions in a single machining center. Oakton offers a number of hands-on classes in CNC machine setup and programming.

MFG 142 Setup and operation

This is the first class in the series and provides the technical skills needed to set-up and operate a CNC machining center. Both CNC turning centers and CNC milling centers are covered in great detail. Each student will be required to set up tooling and fixtures in each machine type as well as interpreting the "G" code program used to run the machine. Instruction will also be provided in using inspection equipment to perform quality checks on the parts cut.

MFG 144 Introduction to CNC programming

This is our first programming class offered in CNC machining. This class provides hands-on training in "G" code generation to produce parts that will meet spec. Students will create and run programs to cut parts on both the CNC turning center and the CNC milling center. These programs are written, developed, simulated, and then run and debugged on actual machine tools.

MFG 145 Advanced CNC Programming

 The advanced class builds on the "G" code programming instructions learned in the previous class with more advanced and complicated machining requirements. These programs are written, developed, simulated, and then run and debugged on actual machine tools. Programming with canned cycles, cutter compensation, micro programming, and subroutines are covered in depth.

MFG 165 Master CAM

Our Master CAM course introduces students to the world of computer aided part creation and CNC "G" code program generation from their part geometry. Students will create both 2D and 3D tool paths from there part design and use a post processor to create "G" code programs to build their design using various CNC machine controllers.

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