Writing Assignments

One of the goals of this course is to apply the material you are learning to the world around you. Therefore, you may choose one of the following options that provide you with opportunities to do this:

Option A Option B

Write 3 papers that involve a sociological investigations of your community. There will be 4 assignments and you may choose the 3 you want to do.

The Individual and Society
Due: October 3, 2006

Due: October 26, 2006

Contemporary Social Institutions
Due: November 21, 2006

Social Change
Due: December 5, 2006


Option 2 is to complete a community engagement project at the Total Learning Center run by East Maine Township school district 63 at four different schools in the area:

  • Apollo School
  • Gemini School
  • Mark Twain School
  • Stevenson School.
Students who choose this option must be willing and able to make a commitment of volunteering at least once a week, beginning in early October and running until early December.

Students who choose this option must maintain a journal of their experiences and will be expected to write a paper at the end of the project. The paper will be appropriately 5-6 pages in length. Your paper will not only detail what you did, but more importantly, what you learned about yourself and society as a result of your participation with the program.

If you are interested in this option you should talk with me about contacting the director of the program.

Information on papers: