Video Case Application

Nantucket Nectars


v      Read the Video Case Application on page 312 of your book

v      Watch the Video Case in class

v      Write a memorandum to me (no more than 3 word-processed pages--see memorandum below for the expected format)—if you need help accessing a computer at Oakton, please see me IMMEDIATELY).  Your memorandum should contain the following:

Ø       Responses to the questions on page 312 of your book

v      You can do this assignment by yourself or with a group (no more than 3 people).  If you work in a group, then all group members should be in the “from” section of the memorandum.  Only one copy of the memorandum per group should be submitted.  Each person in the group must sign the memorandum.  Your signature signifies that you contributed both ideas and have written and/or edited the memorandum.

v      You will be graded on the answers to the questions and the “quality” of your written response (spelling, grammar, following directions, etc.)

v      Due date:  4/25 at the start of class.  Late assignments will be penalized 10% for each class period or part of a class period that it is late.








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Dr. Laura Saret

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Video Case:  Nantucket Nectars


1.        What are some of the aspects of Nantucket Nectar’s organizational culture that helped the team to complete the ERP implementation on time?

Show your answer here

2.       Which of the techniques in Exhibit 15-7 of your text would you choose to help your marketing group at Nantucket Nectars make a more creative decision naming a new juice flavor aimed at the college market?

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3.       As the company grows, what other uses for cross-functional teams arise at Nantucket Nectars?

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4.       As a manager at Nantucket Nectars how would you foster mutual trust and unified commitment as the company continues to add new employees?

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5.       Would you agree that the “distance equals evil” problem that existed at Nantucket Nectars has been solved by the company’s web based communication tool, “Nectar Net”?  Support your position.

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