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From the Newsletter of the China Judaic Studies Association

New Book in Chinese—Anti-Semitism: How and Why—Published

The Shanghai Sanlian Publishing House announces the publication of Anti-Semitism: How and Why, by Xu Xin, a book that has been long awaited both here and in China. This is one work where the publisher did not request a subsidy, knowing that the Chinese have been eager to learn why and how anti-Semitism arose and is practiced. Six copies have been posted to the Association, and anyone interested in seeing the work should contact Beverly Friend.

While the book is in Chinese, readers of English may be interested in the following translation of the chapter headings:

(1) On the Beginnings of Anti-Semitism. (2.) Disputes between Religions—On the formation of Christian Anti-Semitism. (3.) The Stranger's Identity—On the Causes of Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages. (4.) Expulsions. (5.) Massacres of the Crusades—The Beginning of the Massive Persecutions of the Jews. (6.) A Nation Associated with Demons—On the Causes of Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages. (7.) Desecration of the Host. (8.) Blood Libel. (9.) Disasters Caused by the Black Death. (10.) Unfortunate Jewish Money Lenders. (11.) Separations—On the Appearance of Jewish Badges and the Ghetto. (12.) From Religious to Secular—On Anti-Semitism During the Reformation and the Enlightenment. (13.) On the Birth of Modern Anti-Semitism. (14.) Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe. (15.) Race Exterminative Massacre—On the Holocaust. (16.) Against Various Charges of Anti-Semitism. (17.) On the Reaction to Anti-Semitism.