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New Publications that are WORTH SEEING:


Directory and Guide to Jewish Shanghai. This is a gem, a brief, 67-page book, which includes essential information on local religious services, basic history, maps and sites of the Jews of Shanghai, Hongkou, Kaifeng, Beijing, and Harbin, emergency numbers, Jewish organizations, and useful terms. An update is planned for 2002. The book can be purchased for $10. For further information contact Rabbi Greenberg at


Special issue of newvoices (Vol 10, number 2, November/December, 2001), a national Jewish Student Magazine, is devoted to China with a fascinating mixture of articles:

"China's One-Man Judaic Studies Army: A Chinese scholar's determination brings Jewish learning to his homeland, " by Jennifer Fishbein Gold, details Xu Xin's history and involvement.

"Chinese are Jews Too: A Chinese American Jewish Scholar Puts the Spotlight On Jewish Diversity, "by Rebecca Meiser, relates the interesting personal story of Taiwanese Patricia Lin, and her conversion to Judaism.

"May I take Your Order ... in Hebrew" by Ben Enfield, tells about Asians from Israel who staff a Miami Beach Chinese Restaurant. "Israel in Chinatown, " by Joe Mullin, relates the story of Israeli merchants doing business in San Francisco.

"China in Israel" contains a series of short articles including a discussion of Chinese merchants in the Shouk, Tai Chai on the Kibbutz, and Chinese alternative medicine in Tel Aviv.

"A Jew in Kaifeng: In search of the remnants of an ancient Jewish community, " by Yaniv Gelnic describes his experiences in that city.

"Writing Chinese Americanness in Jewish: Two Chinese American writers use the prism of Jewishness to explore identity," by Ben Letzler, discusses the works of Eric Liu (author of "The Accidental Asian") and Gish Jen (author of "Mona in the Promised Land").

"Don't Ask, Just Eat," by Jessica Carrew Kraft, explains why Jews love Chinese Food. "Kitschy Kosher Sauce: Soy Vay Chinese Marinsdes cha-cha-into kitchens nationwide," by Anna Dolinsky" explores a new label: Soy Vay Enterprises.

This issue of the magazine is a surprise and a delight. One year subscriptions are free to students, $18 for others. Articles can be viewed on their web site at www.newvoices. org -- but this issue isn't up yet (as of 11/30/01). Contact newvoices at 114 W. 26th St. Suite 1004 NY, NY, 10001 (212) 675-1168; FAX 212 929 3459 or via email at newvoices@hotmail com.