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May 2002 - Announcement

Conference Announcement

The History of Jewish Diasporas in China

2002 International Symposium

to be held at two Chinese sites

Scholars, teachers, research fellows, descendants of Jewish communities in China, and other interested parties are invited to attend the May 5-9, 2002 International Symposium on "The History of Jewish Diasporas in China" sponsored by The Center for Jewish Studies at Nanjing University. The Symposium, which will explore the latest discoveries, achievements, and developments in the study of the history of Jewish Diaspora in China, will be organized by and take place at two locales: Nanjing and Kaifeng

Participants who intend to submit papers should concentrate their subject on one of the following areas:

  • Study of the Kaifeng Jewry
  • Study of the history of Jewish Communities in Harbin, Shanghai, Tienjin, and Hong Kong in Modern China
  • Relations between the Chinese and Jewish people.
  • Future perspectives of Jewish Diaspora in 21st Century China

The first three full days of the conference, in Nanjing, are allotted to scholarly papers and discussions. The fourth and fifth days will consist of field trips to original sites of the Kaifeng Jewish community.

Those interested in attending should return the enclosed form by post, fax or email. Those who intend to submit papers are invited to send an abstract of not more than 400 words to the Symposium Secretariat at the address below by October 31, 2001. The program committee will then send each applicant a conference program and visa invitation no later than December 31, 2001.

Optional activities before and after the conference, including trips to visit Jewish related sites in Shanghai, Tienjin, and other cities, arranged as part of the program.

Address for Correspondence


Prof. Xu Xin, Center for Jewish Studies

School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University

Nanjing, 210093, China


86-25-8818375 or 86-371-3823769

Email: or

International Symposium on History of Jewish Diaspora in China

An International Scholars’ Conference, Nanjing and Kaifeng, China, May 5-9, 2002


I am interested in participating.

I will be submitting an abstract.

Name ______________________________________________________________

Title _______________________________________________________________

Institution ___________________________________________________________

Position held _________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________



Tel: _________________________________ Fax: __________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

Please send this form to:


Prof. Xu Xin, Center for Jewish Studies

School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University

Nanjing, 210093, China


86-25-8818375 or 86-371-3823769 (c/o Mr. Yan Jun)

Email: or

UPDATE 8/29/01

I am very pleased to inform you that the Chinese authorities have proved our conference proposal and that plans for the conference are progressing very well.

Itinerary for the conference and follow-up trip

May 3 (Friday) Registration day in Shanghai (Ocean Hotel, 4-star) and optional city tour in Shanghai for those who arrive early. Sabbath dinner with Rabbi Greenberg of the Shanghai Jewish community could be arranged at request (kosher meal is available).

May 4 (Saturday) Pre-conference activities: visit to historical sites of the Shanghai Jewish Community between 1840s to 1960s and the Shanghai Center for Jewish Studies of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Acrobatic show in the evening (optional).

May 5 (Sunday) Bus to Nanjing in the morning and check in at Hilton Hotel (5-star). Free afternoon. Reception and Opening of the conference at 5:00 p.m. followed by the welcome banquet.

May 6 (Monday) General session: history of Jewish Diaspora in China in the morning. Panel discussion: the Kaifeng case in the afternoon. Evening show Chinese folk music.

May 7 (Tuesday) Panel discussion: the Shanghai and Hong Kong cases in the morning; city tour in the afternoon.

May 8 (Wednesday) Panel discussion: the Tianjin and Harbin case in the morning; General session: Culture between Chinese and Jewish in the afternoon; Overnight train to Kaifeng (there is no flight from Nanjing to Kaifeng). Arrive in the morning and check in at Tianqiang Hotel (3-star, best in the town).

May 9 (Thursday) Field trip to original and historical sites of the Kaifeng Jewish community; Conference continued. Look into the future for Jewish Diaspora in China; Closing session and dinner with Kaifeng Jewish descendents.

May 10 (Friday) Departure day for those who come for the conference portion only. For those who would like to join post-conference activities: tour of Kaifeng in the morning and Bus to Luoyang, an ancient capital city of China, in the afternoon. (Peony City Hotel, 4-star)

May 11 (Saturday) Sabbath; Visit to the Longmen Grotto and the White Horse Temple (optional).

May 12 (Sunday) Morning train to Xian; Visit to Terra Cotta soldiers and the city wall; Evening show ; Tang Dynasty singing and dancing. (Golden Flower Hotel, 5-star)

May 13 (Monday) Visit to Shaanxi Provincial Museum and Big Goose Pagoda; Afternoon flight to Beijing. (Capital Hotel, 4-star)

May 14 (Tuesday) Visit to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven and; Peking Opera in the evening.

May 15 (Wednesday) Visit to the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, and the Summer Palace; Peking Duck banquet.

May 16 (Thursday) Departure.

Cost 1. For the portion from May 3-10: USD 530 (single supplement: $230) 2. For the portion from May 3-16: USD 1,235 (single supplement: $480)

The cost includes accommodations (based on double occupation); meals, transportation between cities and local, and fees for all listed activities (except the cost for the dinner with the Rabbi, which will have to be paid to the community directly).

Registration fees

Before January 1, 2002: Single: USD200; couple: USD350; After January 1, 2002: Single: USD230, couple: USD400.

Payment Arrangements

The complete payment for the conference could be made at the same time with registration fee or at a separate time (but no later than March 15, 2002). Payment can be made by check or bankers draft in US dollars, drawn on a US bank. Checks and banker~{!/~}s drafts payable to the Center for Jewish Studies, Nanjing University. Please make sure that your name and address are clearly stated on all payments. Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer.

Bank Address: Bank of China, Nanjing Branch, Sa Jia Wan Office 238 North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China ABA Routing Number: 026003269 Account Number: 4447803-2014-0097171 Account Name: Xu Xin

Cancellations and Refunds

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to Prof. Xu Xin. Registration cancelled before February 1, 2002 will be refunded less an administrative charge of $40. For registrations cancelled after February 1,2002, a refund of 50% will be made. No refunds are possible after April 1, 2002. All refunds will be processed after the conference.

We would like to suggest that you book your flight to Shanghai as arrival city and depart from Beijing as a round trip. However, there is a connection from Beijing to Shanghai or to Nanjing if you have to arrive in Beijing.

For those who come for the conference portion only please let us know where (normally either Beijing or Shanghai) you would like to go to catch your flight home from Kaifeng. We are able to book your connection flight on your behalf. You need to pay for that separately.

We will arrange for pick-up at Shanghai airport if we are informed about your arrival schedule on registration day. It takes about one hour from Shanghai International Airport to Ocean Hotel. Arrangements could be made for those who would like to arrive earlier or extend their departure in Shanghai or Beijing.

We need your mailing address (with information of Date of birth, birthplace, passport number, expiration of your passport, occupation, name of institution or working organization where you work, name of spouse if he or she wants to come) to send your formal invitation of the conference and you will get your visa to China at any Chinese Consulate General closest to your city.

Mail: Prof. Xu Xin, Center for Jewish Studies School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University Nanjing, 210093, China Fax: 86-25-8818375 Email: