Taking a quiz

  1. From the main Quiz List, click the name of the quiz you want to take.
  2. Read the instructions and details for the quiz, and click the Start Quiz link.

  3. Answer the quiz questions by selecting an answer from the list of options or by filling in the appropriate text field.

    Note  Click the Save All Responses button regularly if there are a lot of questions on a single page or you are working on a time-consuming question.

  4. Click the Next Page or   Previous Page icon to navigate between pages.
  5. Click the Go to Submit Quiz button when you are ready to submit.

    Note  If you try to submit a quiz with unanswered questions, you see a warning at the top of the Submit Quiz page. Click the links below the warning to return to the unanswered questions.

  6. When you finished revising questions, click Submit Quiz.

Watching the time

If your quiz has a time-limit you may be prompted or forced to submit your quiz. If the quiz is set to auto-submit at the end of the designated time period, only saved questions are submitted. Make sure you save regularly near the end of the quiz period and try to finish and submit the quiz before the time expires.

Looking over questions

It is a good idea to review your quiz, or difficult questions in the quiz, before you submit it. You can review questions using the Previous page icon or by clicking the question number in the Quiz Info widget. When you are done reviewing your answers, click the Go to Submit Quiz button.


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