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Academic vs. Public Libraries

The public libraries in our community college district are really wonderful and can be helpful in many ways. However, when you're doing research for a paper or speech your instructor will probably require you to use resources that are more appropriate for college level courses and are more academic in nature. An academic library like Oakton's can help because our resources and services support the educational mission of the College.

The library faculty at Oakton encourage you to make the Oakton Library the first step in the research process; we can almost always guide you to the appropriate books, magazines, newspapers and web sites and also offer instruction in their use. If you need to locate something in another library, our computerized interlibrary loan service can do so effectively and efficiently.

The Top 10 Differences Between the Oakton Library and Public Libraries describes
some possible differences between the two types of libraries. You may discover why your instructor has suggested using an academic library like Oakton for your research. Get comfortable in using this Library. Visit often and take advantage of the many services, workshops and resources.

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