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Don't Get Caught In The Web

Don't Get Caught In The Web is an 18 minute video which humorously dramatizes the library research experience of a student who is trying to complete a research assignment by only using the Internet. A savvy advisor appears and helps the student discover the wealth of resources available in the library and then leads the student through the strategies involved in the research process. Interested in viewing the video? Ask at the Reference Desk.

Comments about the video from Oakton students:

"I like the sense of humor in the video. Libraries are depicted to be serious... the humor makes books and research a little fun".

"A little corny...but a lot of people can relate to the kid. A lot of people don't like to go to the library because they have to ask for help. Gave a good message."

"Things don't have to be as difficult as they seem if you just ask for a little help".

"Movie was funny & informative. It told the truth so it was effective".

"Funny movie...still think the Internet is good...but I think the Library might be useful so I'll give it a try".

"I think the film had a lot of good points & good information. Thanks!"

"The movie was very informative. I enjoyed watching it. It will be very helpful during my research hunt. Thank you!"

"Had the right ideas to get students to use all kinds of sources and was entertaining at the same time".

"Helped me to realize that the Internet is not only source that should be used".

"I'm glad I saw the video because I would have only used the Internet".

"The video was very humorous and to the point. It has encouraged me to utilize all sources...books, the web, and journals. I will not be afraid to ask for help".

"It was funny and that made it more interesting. It convinced me to use the library more".

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