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How Can I Find Information On...?


This pathfinder is a starting point for your research. It will give you a jump-start to academic resources in both online and print formats. Ask a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

Web sites
Annual Report Gallery
complete and up-to-date listing of annual reports and related financial reports online;lists over 2,200 annual reports and covers the majority of the Fortune 500 companies

Company Information/Selected Internet Resources
evaluated web sites from the librarians at the Chicago Public Library
Company & Industry Research 101
step-by-step guide from Lexis-Nexis, an online index of newspaper articles, wire service reports and transcripts of TV & radio broadcasts
U.S. government portal to exporting and trade services; includes country and industry market reports, trade agreements and statistics, broad country information and more

Hoover's Online
delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence;continuously updated information on public and private companies worldwide;premium services require subscription
service of U.S. Department of Commerce;includes State of the Nation for current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data;Globus Business Opportunities for current and historical trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities and country anaylsis;National Trade Data Bank for country commercial guides, market research reports and U.S. import and export statistics
Ask a reference librarian for password and log-in information to Stat-USA.

Selected Books In The Oakton Library
The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising (3 volumes)
Call Number: REF HF5803.A38 (DP)

Business Rankings Annual
Call Number: REF HG4050.B88

Business Statistics on The Web
Call Number: HF1016.B47 (DP)

Company Profiles for Students ( Volumes 1-3)
Call Number: REF HG4057.A27 1999 (DP)

Dictionary of International Business Terms
Call Number: REF HD62.4S524 (DP)

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
Call Number: REF HF5837.E53 (DP)

Hoover's Handbook of American Business: Profiles of 750 Major U.S. Companies
(Volumes 1-2)
Call Number: REF HG4057.A28617 (DP)

Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies:Profiles of America's Most Exciting
Growth Companies

Call Number: REF HG4057.A28618 (DP)

Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies:Profiles of Major U.S. Private Enterprises
Call Number: REF HG4057.A28616 (DP)

Hoover's Handbook of World Business:Profiles of Major Global Enterprises
Call Number: REF HG3010.H65 (DP)

Hoover's Billion Dollar Directory:The Complete Guide to Public Companies
Call Number: REF HF3010.A28614 (DP)

Illinois Services Directory
Call Number: REF HC107.I3I62 (DP)

International Business Information:How To Find It, How To Use It
Call Number: REF HF54.5.P33 (DP)

International Business Information on The Web
Call Number: HF54.56.L364 (DP)

Internet Resources and Services for International Business
Call Number: REF HF54.56.L58 (DP)

LaSalle Bank Guide:Major Publicly Held Corporations and Financial Institutions
Headquartered in Illinois

Call Number: REF HG4058.C5F572 (DP)

Market Share Reporter
Call Number: REF HF5410.M35 (DP)

Magazines, Journals and Newspapers
Search Expanded Academic ASAP, an online periodical index, for magazine, journal and newspaper articles about issues related to companies. Many of these articles will be full text and can be sent to your e-mail account. You can search this index from any computer on campus. For off campus access, follow the directions below.
To access Expanded Academic ASAP off campus, ID number is 23211 immediately followed by your social security number. (example: 23211xxxxxxxxx)

A small annual report collection is located at the Des Plaines campus Library, 2nd floor.

This pathfinder is a starting point for your research. It will give you a jump-start to academic resources in both online and print formats. Ask a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

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