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  24/7 A Library Research Guide and Webletter

Individual or Small Group
by Appointment

What is a research consultation?
A research consultation is a scheduled appointment where you or a small group can discuss web and library research assignments with a reference librarian. During the consultation, the librarian will present time-saving strategies for finding information in both electronic and traditional formats and give instruction on their use. Let a reference librarian suggest books, periodicals, and web sites for your next research paper, speech or project.

A consultation will not deal with the mechanics of writing your paper. This type of assistance is available in
Instructional Support Services, Room 2415(DP) and Room A135(RHC).

How much time is required for a consultation?
Most appointments can be completed within a half hour. However, the actual amount of time depends upon your research requirements.

How can I schedule a consultation?
Complete the information below and return it to the Reference Desk or call 847/635.1644 (DP) or 847/635.1474 (RHC).

Date ( S M T W R F S ) _____/_____/_____ Time _____:_____


If you can't keep your appointment, please call to reschedule!

(Cut here and return top portion to student.)

Name ________________________________________________________________

E-mail ___________________________Phone _______________________________


Due Date/Length of paper_______________________/________________________


1. What has been completed so far? What still needs to be accomplished?

2. What types of sources need to be included? Check all those that apply.
Background Information
Periodicals (magazines, journals and/or newspapers)
Web Sites

3. Any other requirements? (e.g.sources must have been published within the last 5 years, you can only use journal articles, you must use 4 different kinds of sources, you need to locate information on the web)?

Date (S M T W R F S ) _____/_____/_____ Time_____:_____


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