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Downloading, Copying, & Printing

Printing from the Library Computers
The Library is now charging fees for computer printing in an effort to offset rising printing expenses and to reduce paper waste. Printing costs 10¢ per page and is paid via a copy card purchased from the Library's vending machines. For more information on copiers available in the Library, see I Need A Copy.

To avoid printing charges, you can use the e-mail option or you can download the information to a disk.

Tip Sometimes articles are short but other articles can run to a hundred pages or more. In order to determine how long an article is, click on File at the top of the screen on the Menu Bar and select Print Preview. An image of the article will appear. Look at the bottom left corner of the first image to determine the length of the article. If only a few pages are required, rather than the whole article, it is possible to select a page range in the Print drop-down menu. If the article is very long, downloading the article onto a disk is a good alternative. The instructions on this page explain how to download articles from the library databases or from the web.

Downloading Articles from the Online Databases
To download an article or page of citations, the information to be downloaded must be visible on the computer screen. Then:

1. Click on File
2. Click on Save As
(a menu box will appear)
3. Select the a:/ drive (floppy disk)
4. Name the file
5. Set the file type to plain text if it is an article
6. Set the file type to html if it is a Web page.
7. Click on Save

A file of downloaded library database articles can be opened in Word or any other word processing program.
1. Open a word processing program
2. Insert a disk
3. Click on File
4. Click on Open
5. Select the file from the a:\ disk
6. Click on Open

Downloading A Web Page
The text of web pages may be downloaded by the same method as listed above for articles. However, on web pages, pictures and any other graphics have to be downloaded separately. The text and picture files must be on the same disk or on the same drive to be seen when opened later.
To open a downloaded Web page:
1. Click on File in the browser
2. Click on Open
3. Click on Browse
4. Select the file from the a:\ disk
5. Click on Open
6. Click on Open again

Downloading Web Graphics
1. Place the cursor over the graphic
2. Click on the right side of the mouse
3. Click on Save Image As
4. Do not change the name of the image
5. Save to the a:\ disk

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