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Library FAQ

What are the library hours and phone numbers?
Where's the Go Digital workshop schedule for each campus?
Can I get help finding sources for my research paper?
Can I send the full text of an online periodical article to my email account?
How can I take advantage of E-mail reference?
Can I find directions for downloading, printing & copying?
How can I get an Oakton ID/library card?
How do I know what books the library owns?
Can I use my Oakton ID to check out books at other libraries?
Can I get a book and/or magazine article that the Library doesn't own?
How long can I keep library materials?
Can I renew library books and for how long?
How much are overdue fines?
What happens if I lose a book?
Where can I find something on reserve?
Does the Library own government documents?
Are tax forms available?
What periodicals are available?
Does the Library hav
e a video collection?
Are there any videos about the Internet available?

Does the Library save documents related to the history of the College?

Both campus libraries offer Go Digital workshops.These instructional workshops focus on using the library and the web for research purposes. Workshop schedules for both campuses are announced on the Library's web site, in 24/7 and through fliers available at the Reference and Circulation Desks at both campuses. Look for schedules on campus bulletin boards, too.
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Research Assistance
Library faculty assist students with reference questions, help locate material for papers, speeches and other assignments and provide instruction in using the Library, online resources and the web for research. Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk, schedule a research consultation, attend a Go Digital workshop and/or take advantage of E-mail reference.
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E-mail Account
Many of the Library's full text online perodical indexes, such as Expanded Academic ASAP, WilsonSelect, Periodical Abstracts and Business & Company ASAP, have e-mail capabilities. Locate the article(s) to send to your e-mail account, look for the e-mail link at either the top, bottom or side of the web page. To send, enter your e-mail address or any valid internet e-mail address.
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E-mail Reference
E-mail Reference will provide an answer for the quick question in need of a quick answer. Although the service isn't meant to take the place of an in-person consultation, there are times when E-mail Reference can work for you. It works best for questions that require a brief answer (What is the capital of Arizona?) or which require a suggestion about which source(s) might help to answer a question (Where can I find information on the effects of global warming on the environment?). Library faculty will respond to your question within 3 days, excluding holidays and days when classes aren't in session.
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Oakton ID/Library Card
In order to borrow books, Oakton students must have an Oakton library card. Apply for your card at the Circulation Desk. The Oakton ID card can be used to check out books at both campus libraries and can be used at a number of academic libraries in the Chicago area and throughout the state that belong to the Illinois Library Computer System Organization (ILCSO). The Oakton ID card cannot be used to check books out of area public libraries. However, if you have a library card from a local public library, you can use the resources of the 49 public libraries in the North Suburban Library System.
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The Book Collection
The Oakton Library collection consists of approximately 92,000 books including 10,000 at the Ray Hartstein Campus in Skokie. Books are arranged by the Library of Congress Classification System, which uses a combination of letters and numbers to organize and arrange the collection. Reference books, atlases, and oversized books are shelved in separate sections. The book collection is also available for circulation to residents of Community College District #535.

A book can be identified by searching its author, title, or subject in ILLINET Online, a statewide computerized library cataloging and circulation system. This computer catalog provides information about books in both of Oakton's libraries and for many college and university libraries throughout Illinois.
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Interlibrary Loan
Books and articles not owned by Oakton can be requested through interlibrary loan. The loan period for interlibrary loan books depends on the lending library. Requested articles from magazines, journals and/or newspapers are photocopied. There is no charge for interlibrary loan. It usually takes from one week to ten days to receive a requested book or article. The loan of books or periodical articles between campuses takes 24 hours; periodical articles can also be faxed. Request this service at the Circulation Desk.
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Students can check books out for 3 weeks. Books may be renewed in person, online via ILLINET online, or over the telephone for an additional three weeks as long as no one else is waiting to borrow the book. Periodicals and reference books do not circulate.
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Overdue Fines
An overdue fine will be charged until a book is 30 days overdue. At that time, a one-time fee of $5 will be charged. Overdue fines for reserve materials are 50¢ per day to a maximum of $5. For overdue videos, fines are $1 per day/per title plus $1 if not rewound. The maximum charge for an overdue video is $10. Unpaid fines for overdue or lost books will prevent you from registering for Oakton classes and from receiving copies of your transcript.
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Lost or Damaged Books
The fine for lost books is the cost of the book plus a $5.00 processing fee.
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Reserve Collection
Instructors may put books, copies of articles, and other materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk. Some restrictions may apply to their use depending upon need. Ask for reserve material by the instructor's name. Overdue fines for reserve materials are 50¢ per day to a maximum of $5.
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Government Documents
The Oakton Community College Library is a select U.S. Government Depository Library and, thererfore, receives, organizes and makes available many publications printed by various departments and agencies within the U.S. government.
These publications are located in the Government Information Center located in the Municipal Education Center, Des Plaines campus. This is the building located closest to Central Avenue. For further information, call 847/296.9200 or gic@oakton.edu
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Tax Forms
The most commonly used tax forms are available at the Circulation Desk at each campus with the new tax forms arriving each January. Although library personnel can not help with taxes, offer advice, or explain tax procedures, further information on taxation, in addition to forms not available in the Library, can be found at the Internal Revenue Service or the Illinois Department of Revenue.
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The Oakton Library has subscriptions to over 500 magazines, journals and newspapers with online access to thousands more. Title and subject lists of these periodicals are available at service desks throughout the Library.

Current issues of popular titles can be found in the browsing area. All back issues are kept in the Periodicals Department;library staff will retrieve these materials for you. There's no limit to the number of periodicals which can be requested, however, periodicals cannot be taken out of the Library. For those periodicals available only on microfilm, the Library has microfilm reader/printers.

Locating articles in magazines, journals and newspapers is accomplished by using the online periodical indexes and/or the traditional print indexes. Many of the articles found in the online periodical indexes are available full text and can be sent to any e-mail account.
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The Video Collection
A small, popular video collection is maintained at the Des Plaines campus Library. Videos can be checked out without a fee for a period of 7 days. Overdue fines are $1 per day/per title plus $1 if not rewound. A list of the titles in the video collection is available on the Library's web site or at the Circulation Desk. Videos for media-based courses and instructional videos about the Internet and world wide web are available in Instructional Media Services.
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The Archive Collection
The Library maintains an archive collection including documents relating to the history of the College, the curriculum, special programs, North Central Accreditation reports, OCCurrence, literary magazines, and other items of interest. Minutes from the Board of Trustees meetings are located in the President's Office. The Library's archive collection is located in the Periodicals Department, Des Plaines campus Library.
An archive of newspaper and other periodical clippings relating to the College is located in the Community Relations Office, Des Plaines campus.
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