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Iraq Conflict

This pathfinder is a starting point for your research. It will give you a jump-start to academic resources in both online and print formats. Ask a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

Web sites
Iraq:A Reading List
recommendations from the New York Times; includes links to book reviews about Iraq, the 1991 war and recent events in the Persian Gulf; check ILLINET Online, Oakton's book catalog to determine if we own the books(s); if not, ask a reference librarian about interlibrary loan

Iraq War Debate 2002-2003
curent events research from many official world-wide documents; maintained by the University of Michigan Library Documents Center
Iraqi War Conflict
extensive webliography from the Google Directory

September 11, 2001
links to evaluated resources on 24/7

U. S. War in Iraq
links to articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education regarding the effect of the war on academe;also includes links to the impact of the 1991 Persian Gulf war
War and Peace
evaluated links from the Librarians' Index To The Internet, which provides a well-organized point of access for reliable, trustworthy, librarian-selected Internet resources

Selected Books In The Oakton Library
Armour, Rollin
Islam, Christianity and The West: A Troubled History
Call Number: BP172.A736 (DP)

Cockburn, Andrew
Out Of The Ashes:The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein
Call Number: DS79.75.C63 (RHC)

Deegan, Paul J.
Saddam Hussein
Call Number:
DS79.66.H87D44 (DP)

Dershowitz, Alan
Why Terrorism Works:Understanding the Threat, Responding to The Challenge
Call Number: HV6432.H69 (DP)

Friedman, Thomas
Longitudes & Attitudes:Exploring The World After September 11
Call Number: HV6432.F75 (DP)

Gurr, Nadine and Benjamin Cole
New Face of Terrorism:Threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction
Call Number: HV6431.G87 (DP)

Hallion, Richard P.
Storm Over Iraq:Air Power and The Gulf War
Call Number: UG633.H35 (DP)

Hanson, Victor Davis
Autumn of War:What America Learned from September 11 and The War on Terrorism
Call Number: HV6432.H377 (DP)

Hiro, Dilip
Neighbors, Not Friends:Iraq and Iran After the Gulf Wars
Call Number: DS79.75.H57 (DP)

Hoge, James F., Jr. and Gideon Rose
How Did This Happen?:Terrorism and The New War
Call Number: HV6432.H.69 (DP)

Lewis, Bernard
What Went Wrong?:The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in The Middle East
Call Number: DS62.4.L488 (2003) (RHC)

Lewis, Bernard
What Went Wrong?:Western Impact and Middled Eastern Response
Call Number: DS62.4.L488 (2002) (DP)

Khalil, Samir
Republic of Fear:The Inside Story of Saddam's Iraq
Call Number: DS79.65.K494 (DP)

McAlister, Melani
Epic Encounters:Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in The Middle East, 1945-2000
Call Number: DS63.2M33 (DP)

Mackey, Sandra
Reckoning:Iraq and The Legacy of Saddam Hussein
Call Number: DS79.65.M24 (DP)

Maxwell, Bruce
Terrorism:A Documentary History
Call Number: REF HV6431.T4594 (DP)

O'Meara, Meghan Appel, ed.
History Behind The Headlines:The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide (multi-volume set)
Call Number: REF D410.H57 (DP)

Simons, G.L.
Scourging of Iraq:Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice
Call Number: JX1246.S47 (DP)

Tripp, Charles
History of Iraq
Call Number: DS79.T75 (RHC)

Magazines, Journals and Newspapers
Search LexisNexis, an online periodical index, for current magazine, journal and newspaper articles related to the Iraqi conflict. Many of these articles will be full text and can be sent to your e-mail account. You can search this index from any computer on campus.
LexisNexis is available on campus only.

For an interesting perspective, compare coverage of the Iraqi conflict from several different sources including
international newspapers. Determine the importance of thinking critically about information; learn to apply the appropriate criteria for evaluating information and especially for evaluating a news web site.

This pathfinder is a starting point for your research. It will give you a jump-start to academic resources in both online and print formats. Ask a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

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