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General and Subject Specific Encyclopedias

You're probably familiar with The World Book, the Encyclopedia Americana, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica which are considered general encyclopedias. But did you know that the Oakton Libraries have a wide variety of subject specific encyclopedias, too?

For nearly all subjects, ranging from medicine to business to sociology, there's a corresponding encyclopedia. Most libraries consider them a reference source and, as such, the information is often found in a multi-volume set, written by experts or scholars in the field.

These types of encyclopedias can offer much in the way of background information and will also provide a more thorough and "in-depth" look at a subject. You'll also find that they may contain useful bibliographies that lend authority to the work and can lead to further sources, as well. Use the table of contents to direct you to the section that will tell you the names of the scholars who contributed to the encyclopedia or dictionary.

Here are just some titles of subject specific encyclopedias available in the Oakton Library. Ask a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

Encyclopedia of American Education
Call Number: REF LB17.U54 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics

Call Number: REF BJ63.E44 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Creativity

Call Number: REF BF408.E53 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Community:From the Village to the Virtual World
Call Number: REF HM756.E53 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Human Emotions

Call Number: REF BF531.E55 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Marriage and The Family

Call Number: REF HQ9.E52 (DP)
Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Call Number: REF B41.E5 (DP & RHC)
Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Call Number: REF ML102.P66G84 (DP)
Encyclopedia of The Renaissance

Call Number: REF CB361.E52 (DP)
Encyclopedia of World Biography

Call Number: REF CT103.E56 (DP & RHC)
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

Call Number: REF RC41.G35 (DP & RHC)
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America

Call Number: REF E184.A1G14 (DP & RHC)
Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology

Call Number: REF BF31.G35 (RHC)
Gale Encyclopedia of Science
Call Number: REF Q121.G35 (DP)
Magill's Encyclopedia of Social Science: Psychology
Call Number: REF BF.M33 (DP)
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance
Call Number: REF PN2035.O94 (DP)
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life

Call Number: REF GN333.W67 (DP & RHC)
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations

Call Number: REF G63.W67 (DP & RHC)

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