Guaranteed Admission Program Elmhurst College

What is it?

This agreement offers Oakton Community College students Guaranteed Admission to Elmhurst College to complete their Bachelor’s degree. Students must meet all of the requirements outlined in this agreement to guarantee their admission to Elmhurst College.


Guaranteed transfer admission provides students seamless transfer to earn bachelor’s degrees. Know that you’re admitted as early as your first semester at Oakton. Gain peace of mind knowing you will be guaranteed admission to Elmhurst College when requirements have been met. You can benefit from personalized academic planning from both institutions, attending cultural and athletic events on both campuses, and feeling a sense of confidence in your transfer plan.

Participation Details

Guaranteed Admission Program Participation Form (PDF) (453 KB)

Apply to Elmhurst College

  • Meet with your advisor at Oakton Community College to verify eligibility to apply.
  • Complete the application for admission to Elmhurst College, see link above. Submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities in addition to other documents listed on the Elmhurst College undergraduate application no later than one year before you intend to transfer to Elmhurst College
  • Submit the participation form to Elmhurst College along with your application. If you apply online, mail or bring this form to the admission office.
  • Students must have graduated from high school (as evidenced by a high school diploma or GED) and complete a minimum of 24-30 transferable credit hours.
  • Students are required to participate in the program between their first year of enrollment at Oakton Community College and up to the first two weeks of their final year to ensure Elmhurst College at least one year of contact with the student.
  • Students are expected to enroll at Oakton Community College and complete general education and coursework required for admission into their Elmhurst College degree program within three years of initial enrollment at Oakton Community College.
  • Upon completion of the associate degree (A.A., A.S., A.E.S., A.F.A., A.A.S.) students will be accepted at junior status if 64 semester hours of transferable credit are earned.
  • A maximum of 70 credits will be applied to the baccalaureate degree. Developmental courses and courses not deemed transferable are not included in this agreement.
  • Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale on all transferable course work taken at Oakton Community College.
  • International students must demonstrate English language proficiency. 
  • Students are eligible to transfer into more than 60 undergraduate degree programs at Elmhurst College. The degree programs of nursing and education have a higher GPA requirement of 2.8 and will have an additional application process to be considered. The communication sciences and disorders program also has a higher GPA requirement of 3.2 and a separate application process to be considered.


Sophie Lichlyter
Elmhurst Transfer Admission Counselor
Office of Admission
(630) 617-3097
Circle Hall, first floor

To make an appointment with an Academic Advisor please contact:

Des Plaines campus
1600 E. Golf Road,  Room 1861

Skokie campus
7701 N. Lincoln Ave., Room A100