Fashioning the Self: You Are What You Wear?

Fashion has many definitions. As a noun, it represents the role of clothing, art, style, beauty, adornment, and the identity and expression of the physical body. As a verb, consider how history, society, art, and politics fashion who we are. How are we fashioned—shaped by gender, identity, culture, ethnicity, class, and race? What we wear can be used as a vehicle to provoke, embellish, speak, or conform. Women have always struggled to fashion a life for themselves that feels authentic, but what are the barriers? How have women taken back their power through what they wear and what they don’t?

Join us for a public reception on Thursday, Oct. 3, 5 - 8 p.m.

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Event Details

October 3 - 25

Free admission

Koehnline Museum, Des Plaines