After logging in to Fileway through myOakton, you will see a screen similar to this:


In the Address you can tell which directory you are looking at (home or web) [note: home directories for students will be available starting spring term 2011].

Once you have the correct directory chosen in the address selection, you need to double click on the folder in the main window pane to start working in that folder.

As you enter the folder you want to work in, the options across the top of the page change as more options are available:


The most commonly used icons are:

actions.png" Actions icon (allows you to perform a variety of actions to files on your Oakton directory; you must first select a file before this icon becomes available)

open_folder.png Upload icon (allows you to move files from the computer you are using to your Oakton directory)

download.png Download icon (allows you to move files from your Oakton directory to your local computer; you must select a file first before this icon becomes available).

open_folder.png Log off
open_folder.png Help

To Upload:

Press the upload icon open_folder.png

A window will popup that allows you to browse to the files you want to upload:


Click on the browse button

A standard browse window will come up; find and select the file you want to upload

If you have more than one file to upload, you can click on the add button which inserts more browse box fields

When everything is ready to upload, click on the upload button

The file(s) you selected will now show in the folder at Oakton.







To Download:

First, you need to select the file you want to download from Oakton to your computer.

Then press the download icon download.png

A new window will come up, which is the same standard download window you see when using a web browser:


From here you can select if you want to open the file or save the file.


After selecting a file the actions icon actions.png" becomes available; clicking on this icon brings up a short menu of actions you can perform to the file in the Oakton directory. Note: you can also bring up the actions menu by right clicking on a file.


Need Help?

The help icon  open_folder.png opens up Fileway’s help documentation, with further explanations of how to use Fileway.

Don’t forget to Log Off

When you are down uploading and downloading, use the log off icon open_folder.png to end your session.