Netscape Messenger
Creating Message Folders
  • To Create a new message folder:

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    1. In the main Messenger window, click on File on the menu bar (not the File button on the toolbar).
    2. Click on New Folder on the File menu 
    3. In the dialogue box that appears, type a name for the new folder. 
    4. Choose the folder under which you want Messenger to create the new folder.

    5. Important: Do not create new folders under "" They must be under "Inbox" as sub-folders of other existing folders. Click the down arrow on the right end of the center field to reveal and select a different parent folder.
    6. Any folder you create can only contain EITHER messages or folders (which in turn would contain the messages). Click on Folders Only or Messages Only.
    7. Click OK

    Moving Messages Between Folders

    To move messages from one folder to another:
    1. On the main Messenger window, select (highlight) the header of the message you wish to move. (Note: To select additional messages, hold down the Shift key to select adjacent messages. To select nonadjacent messages, hold down the Ctrl key)
    1. Click and hold down the File button on the taskbar. 

    2. This will display the list of available folders. 
    1. Click on the name of the folder you want to move the message to. 

    Alternate Method

    In the 3-panel view, you may also simply drag and drop messages from the header list to the folder list, as illustrated to the right:

    Deleting Message Folders

     You can delete any folders that you create.*  (This will also delete any messages or sub-folders contained there.)

    To Delete a message folder:
    1. In the main Messenger window, click on Communicator on the Menu bar
    2. From the Communicator menu, choose Tools, then Message Center.
    3. In the Message Center window, click on the name of the folder you want to delete.
    4. From the Edit menu, choose Delete folder or use the Delete key.

    * Note: The above method is typical for Netscape Messenger. The Oakton set-up may currently prohibit deleting folders without performing some additional steps. Contact the IT Help Desk at x1965 for more information.