Netscape Messenger
Sharing Mailing Lists and Address Books

Mailing lists reside in your Personal Address Book. To exchange these lists with other people (without sharing
your whole personal address book) follow these steps:
(Note that this is the on-campus procedure. Dialup procedure follows.)

   1.Click on the Communicator menu and select Address Book
   2.In the Address Book window, Click on the File menu then on New Address Book.Give the new address
     book a name and click OK

   3.Go to your Personal Address Book and locate the name of the mailing list you wish to share
   4.Drag the mailing list icon to the newly created empty address book
   5.With the new address book selected, click on the File menu and select Export
   6.Export the file as <filename>.ldif to a floppy disk (or any place other than your Netscape folder)
   7.This file can now be imported by sharing the floppy disk (or sending as an email attachment if the recipient
     saves the attachment before starting import)
  To Import the file:

   1.Click on the Communicator menu and select Address Book
   2.Select your Personal Address Book*
   3.Click on the File menu and select Import
   4.Choose the type of file to be imported (.ldif) and click Next
   5.Find the file (<filename>.ldif), select it and click open.
   6.The list and it's names should be added to your Personal Address Book*
          *If you wish to keep the list and the names on it separate from the existing entries in your Personal
          Address Book, create a new Address Book first then import the .ldif file to the new book.

Oakton Dialup Users:
The import function may not work on your home computer from the menu.
After you have followed the steps above for exporting an address book and saving it to a floppy, you can follow these
steps to import an address book at home.

On your home computer, Netscape NOT running:

  1. Establish a dialup connection but do NOT start Netscape
  2. Put the disk with the address book file in the floppy drive.
  3. Click on the Start Button
  4. Select "Run" from the Start menu
  5. In the Run command line, type netscape -import a:\<filename>.ldif

  6. (Example: netscape -import a:\addbook2.ldif )
    It is important that you include all the spaces and the right type of slash.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you get a Javascript error, just click OK.

Netscape should start. If it doesn't, find the icon or menu item for it and manually start the program. You may work
With Netscape running, go to the Communicator menu and select Address Book. You'll see a new book on the list
by the same name as the one on you floppy. If you click the name of the new address book, you will see all the names in it.
You can now select names from this list and drag them into a previously existing address book (if you'd prefer to combine
books) or you can use the new address book as is.

If all else fails (or even if it doesn't), here's a simple way of copying all or some of the addresses from your work computer's personal address book to your home computer's personal address book.
Part One (To be done at work)
  1. Start a new message 
  2. Click Address button 
  1. Locate your Personal Address book and select all desired entries; If you want the entire address book, click on the top name then scroll to the end of the list, hold down the Shift key while clicking on the last name
  2. Click the To: button
  3. Click the OK button
  1. Save the message as a draft (do not send)
  1. Check to see if the message is now in your Drafts folder under
If it isn't, scroll down the list and check your Drafts folder under Local Mail. If you find it in Local Mail/Drafts, you need to copy it to Drafts under borg so you can access it easily from home. (See instructions for moving files between folders.)
Part Two (To be done at Home) 
  1. Dial in to Oakton and go to your mail 
  2. Find the message you created and saved in your drafts folder 
  1. With the message in view, right-click on any one of the addresses in the header. A menu will pop up. 
  2. Select "Add All to Address Book" from the menu.
  1. For each address, a New Card dialog window will appear.

  2. You can change the information on this card or accept it as-is.
    If the information (including the name of the address book) is correct, click the OK button. The first New Card window will close and the next one will appear.

Note that you can always go back to this address later once it's in your address book and update the information.