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Raider Writing Month 2015

Writing because we want to.

Coming Fall 2015!

Please join us for our next workshop:

Coming October 2015!
Until then, happy writing! Happy revising!

As always,

there will be snacks and prizes.

So you want to write a novel, eh?
Please join the RaiderWriMo community as we undergo this crazy adventure together.
We will have a series of pre-, during, and post-RaiderWriMo workshops to help you make this happen.


Please email me if you'd like to receive
information and updates about RaiderWriMo

Workshop Materials
and related links

Complete 2012 Workshop and Write-In Schedule (pdf)

Creativity Presentation with Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan Presentation Flyer

Workshop #1: Find the Time. Find the Tools.
Workshop #1 Agenda
Workshop #1 Materials
The Month-Long Novelist Agreement and Statement of Understanding
Information about the Time Finder

Workshop #2: Find Your Muse. Find Your Story.
Workshop #2 Agenda
Workshop #2 Materials

Workshop #3: Cruising for Characters
Workshop #3 Agenda & Materials

Workshop #4: Panning for Plots
Workshop #4 Agenda & Materials

Post-NaNo Workshop: I Wrote a Novel. Now, what?
Post-NaNo Workshop Agenda & Materials

2011 Materials and Links:

Workshop #1: Commit and Find the Time

Workshop #1 Agenda/Handout
Workshop #1 Materials
The Month-Long Novelist Agreement and Statement of Understanding
Information about the Time Finder

Workshop #2: Gather the Tools You'll Need
Workshop #2 Agenda
Workshop #2 Materials
Create a NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Workshop #3: Discover Your Muse
Workshop #3 Agenda
Workshop #3 Materials

Workshop #4: Discover Your Story
Workshop #4 Agenda
Workshop #4 Materials

Week 1 Write-In/Workshop: Woohoo! I'm Writing a Novel!
Progress Chart from NaNoBoston
Planning Calendar

Week 2 Write-In/Workshop: What the Heck Was I Thinking?!

Week 3 Write-In/Workshop: I WILL Surivive!

Week 4 Write-In/Workshop: Please, No Autographs

Down to the Wire Write-In/Celebration

I Wrote a Novel. Now what?
NYTimes Article "Read it Again, Sam" by David Bowman
ChiWriMo post about December revisions
Scribendi post about December revisions Writer Groups

Spread the Love
Publishers Lunch
Querying Flowchart of Doom
So You Want to Get Published? Flowchart by Kate Hart
Are You Absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish Your Novel? Flowchart
Famous Self-Published Books
Rotten Rejections
Lucine Kasbarian's Resources for Writers
The Days of Yore
Darcie Chan: How I Became a Best-Selling Author

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