HUM 120

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Chapter 1: Prehistory and Near Eastern Civilizations



Book of the Dead: image and videos:

British Museum Artifacts:

Virtual Tour of Sites in Egypt:

Metropolitan Museuam of Art Egyptian Collection

Who Built the Pyramids?

Chapter 2: Aegean Civilizations

Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations

Bull leaping fresco

Mycenaean Lion's Gate

Archaic Greek Sculpture

Archaic Greek Architecture

Homeric Singing


Chapter 3: Classical Greek Civilization, The Hellenic Age

Buildings of the Acropolis:

Classical Greek Sculpture:


Chapter 4: Classical Greek Civilization, The Hellenistic Age


Hellenistic Art and Architecture:

Dying Gaul Sculpture:

Statue of Old Market Woman:

Laocoon Sculpture:

Altar of Pergamum:


Chapter 5: Roman Civilization: The Pre-Christian Centuries

Roman Art and Architecture:

Early Roman art at Louvre (Paris)

Roman art at Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Marcus Aurelius Sculpture

Trajan's Column:

Arch of Titus:


Chapter 6: Judaism and the Rise of Christianity

Early Christian Art of the Roman Catacombs:

Early Christian Sculpture:

Chapter 7: The Civilizations of Late Rome, Byzantium, and the Early Medieval West

Art and Architecture of Constantine:

Diocletian's Palace:

Late Roman sculpture and architecture:




Church Architecture:

Byzantine Art and Culture:

Byzantine Mosaics:

Byzantine, Islamic, Early Medieval West:

Early Medieval West:

Medieval Art and Architecture:


Chapter 8: The World of Islam: 630-1517

Islam, Empire of Faith:

Islamic Caligraphy:

Great Mosque of Cordoba:



Chapter 9: The High Middle Ages

Romanesque Architecture:

Cathedral of Notre Dame:

Gothic Art and Architecture:

Development of Gothic Architecture:

Saint-Denis Cathedral:

Amiens Cathedral:

Chartres Cathedral:

Column Capitals: Church of St. Marie-Madeleine, Vezelay

Naumburg Cathedral Sculptures:


Chapter 10: Late Middle Ages:

St Maclou Church:

Gloucester Cathedral:

Jan van Eyck paintings:

Siena and Pisa Cathedrals:

Pisano sculptures:

Cimabue paintings:

Giotto paintings: