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Links of Interest

  • c|net
    An excellent resource for technology reviews, previews and news.

  • FAE
    One way you can check web pages to see if they meet accessibility standards; based on the in-process state of Illinois standards.

  • Educause
    Advancing higher education through the use of information technology.

  • Luminis Developers Network
    A resource for Luminis administrators

  • Higher Ed Data Stories
    Data crunching at it's finest

Julia Gray photoJulia Gray

Manager of Web and
RHC (Skokie) Technology Services

Office: 0412 DP/P222 RHC
Phone: (847)635-1264
Email: jgray@oakton.edu

My work at Oakton covers two very disparate roles: Web Services Manager and RHC Technology Services Manager. In my role as Web Services Manager I work with College Advancement on our web site, ensuring that the site functions, has clean code, and that any updates and changes are done in a timely manner. In my role as RHC Technology Services Manager, I help coordinate IT services at the Ray Hartstein (Skokie) Campus.

Last Update: June 14, 2017
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