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Honors Core Seminar on Ethics and Globalization

Fall 2011


Dr. Holly Graff and Dr. Richard Stacewicz


Academic Sources and Think Tanks:


United Nations Development Reports

Middle Eastern Research and Information Project (MERIP)
Project for a New American Century (Neo-Conservative resources)

American Enterprise Institute (Conservative resource for public policy research)

Hoover Institution (Stanford University)

CATO Institute (A libertarian think tank)

RAND Corporation 

www.tni.org (Transnational Institute)

www.epi.org (Economic Policy Institute)



Print Media/Newspapers/Magazines:


New York Times ("Establishment" newspaper)
The Washington Post (The second most important American "Establishment" newspaper)

The Economist (Conservative news magazine published in the U.K.)

Wall Street Journal (Conservative newspaper)

The Nation (left news journal)
In These Times (left news magazine)

The Guardian of London (Centrist to mildly left newspaper)
Al-Ahram (Egyptian newspaper)

Haaretz (Israeli daily newspaper)

The Times of India

The Weekly Standard (Neo-conservative journal)
Foreign Policy (various articles about global affairs)

World Press Review (daily articles from publications across the globe)

Town Hall (collection of articles from various right wing sources)

The National Review

www.democracynow.org (radio/television program aired daily)

 www.commondreams.org (a collection of articles from a variety of liberal, progressive and left wing sources)

www.truthdig.com (a collection liberal and left wing sources)

www.alternet.org (a collection liberal and left wing sources)

www.truthout.org (a collection liberal and left wing sources)

www.zmag.org (Z Magazine - primarily left wing magazine and website)

www.newint.org (The New Internationalist)  

The Third World Network



Broadcast Media: 


National Public Radio (Especially World View, All Things Considered)

Democracy Now! (left radio news show with extensive archives)

BBC News (British news service with extensive archives)

Al-Jazeera (Independent Arab news service hated by governments and widely listened to)


Sierra Club

Amnesty International




Author: Hollace Graff
Oakton Community College
Updated: September 1, 2011