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Honors Core Seminar on Ethics and Globalization

Fall 2011


The current event presentations will be given by two students on Thursdays every week .  Students will sign-up in advance for their scheduled times to present.  Each student will be asked to give a presentation twice during the semester.  Here are some helpful guidelines for  your presentations:


1.  Your presentation must be under five minutes.


3.  Use several different news sources.  We have listed different sources on our Current News Resources page to assist you in being diverse.  We ask that you use more than one source for  your presentation.  Also, use at least one news source from outside the United States.  An event may be reported very differently by various news organizations.  Pointing out these differences could be an interesting aspect to your presentation!


4.  Remember to quote your sources.  As you provide certain facts and updates, try to mention where you retrieved that particular piece of information. 


5.  Remember you are reporting on current events.  Try to keep the focus on what is happening now.  A little history or background may be necessary, but please don't spend more than one minute of your presentation giving this background.






Author: Hollace Graff
Oakton Community College
Updated: September 13, 2011