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Journal Assignments
HUM 140-001



1. Please begin your journal by discussing what effect your gender has had on your life.  Please also consider whether you think that the rights and responsibilities of women and men should be the same or different.  In this first journal entry, just discuss your life and views.  You do not need to make reference to the text yet.


2. Discuss your reactions to One Woman; One Vote.  Did you learn this material in high school?  Do you think that being introduced to this material could change the perspective of a student?  Why or why not?  Please note that this film also introduces you to  the work of women's studies scholars in the area of U.S. history.


3. Discuss your reaction to "The Politics of Housework" and any other early radical feminist article that interests you.  Does anything in this article relate to your own life?   How?  What do you think about the claim that the personal is political?  Why was this claim so revolutionary and controversial?


4. Discuss your evaluations of the four feminist theories that we have examined.  If you agree with one of these theories, please discuss why.  Consider answering the common criticisms of the theory that you endorse.  If you reject all of these theories, discuss why this is and explain the problems that you see in each.  This should be a longer entry of several pages.


5. Discuss your response to Union Maids. 


6. Discuss your response to the Women's History Month events - Kita y Fernanda, the Rosa Luxemburg event, and the Amy Richards event.  In discussing these events, be sure to relate them to the theories that we have discussed.   Focus on some specific aspects of the events; don't try to cover everything in general terms.  Be sure to write at least a page on each event.  If you can't attend one of these events, you will need to replace it with another women's studies event such as Angela Jackson.  Be sure to attach your proofs of attendance to your journal entry.


7. Discuss your response to the chapter we read from hooks' Aint I A Woman.  Also, what feminist theory is hooks using?  Finally, does the material that hooks presents suggest that feminism needs to go in new directions?


8. Give your response to 3rd Wave feminism.  You may want to look at some 3rd Wave publications such as Bitch or Bust.


9.  In what ways is Vandana Shiva's understanding of feminism different from the other theories that we have studied.  (Try to look at three or more differences.)  Do you think she is moving in a good direction?  Why or why not?  Use the material from the film Bullshit as well as specifics from Staying Alive.


10. How has your theoretical framework changed over the semester?  Of the theories that we have studied, which theory comes closest to your viewpoint?  Explain why.  In your opinion, how would you like to see the situation of women in the U.S. change?


11. Please revisit the initial question about what effect that gender has had on your life.  Has the material that we have covered caused you to see your own situation differently? 


12.  If you want to receive extra participation credit for other events, please include your responses to those events as well as your proofs of attendance.





















Author: Hollace Graff
Oakton Community College
Updated: January 17, 2012