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Recommended Websites

General Sites

Episteme Links

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)

Philosophical Encyclopedias
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Ethics Resources
Ethics Updates Home Page
Applied Ethics Resources on the Web

The Hasting Center

News Sources
Democracy Now


Current Philosophy News and Organizations
Radical Philosophy Association
Philosophers' Magazine Online
Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideas

Philosophy Documentation Center
Teaching Philosophy



Sites for Specific Philosophers
Marx/Engels Internet Archive

The Noam Chomsky Archive
John Stuart Mill Page

Philosophical Humor
Philosophy Crosswords
Philosophy Comix
Philosophy Songs
Zeno's Coffeehouse


Women in Philosophy Gallery


Women's Studies

Bitch Magazine
CWLU herstory project


World Mythologies
World Myths and Legends in Art

World Mythology
Greek Mythology Link


World Religions
Internet Sacred Text Archive


Humanities Resources on the Web

Art History Resources on the Web
Web Gallery of Art
Art Cyclopedia