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Introduction to Psychology

Human Development

Child Psychology

Introduction to Social Research

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Robert Frank

Robert Frank, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Chair, Behavioral and Social Sciences Department

Phone: (847) 635-1917
FAX: (847) 635-1798
Office: Room 3608 DP


Education Background:

B.S. Illinois State University
M.S.W. Loyola University Chicago
Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago

Awards and highlights:

  • Margot Marek Annual Book Award by the International Dyslexic Association.
  •  2007 Ray Hartstein Award for Outstanding Professional Excellence in Teaching.

Selected Publications:

  • Parenting Partners
  • The Secret Life of The Dyslexic Child

Teaching Philosophy:
My philosophy is derived from my background and knowledge in educational psychology, human development, my private practice and experiences with culturally diverse students and children over the years. The combination of each of these experiences has helped me to better understand human nature, and in turn, help my teaching. I see each person as an individual, each one learning in his own way. My education (Ph.D. in educational psychology) and background (private practice) has taught me that it is important to make a strong connection with the students. I get to know each student and how he/she learns the best. I try to take into account the individual differences of each student as I prepare for each class, planning a variety of modalities to accommodate these different styles.

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