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Luanne Olson DPT

Professor of Physical Therapist Assistants
Division I

Office Phone: (847) 376-7063
FAX: (847) 635-1764
Email: lolson@oakton.edu
Office: Room 2803


Welcome to my Oakton home page. I have been a professor of Physical Therapist Assistants for eighteen years. I am one of three instructors within the program and I am responsible to teach the "hands on" portions as well as some of the clinical class sections of the program. I have a doctorate in Physical Therapy from Finch University/The Chicago Medical School. Prior to my tenure at Oakton, I worked at Resurrection Medical Center for twelve years. My specialty is orthopedics with a separate special interest in Eastern and Alternative Medicine. My non-teaching interests include reading and taking care of my family.


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