Pearl River delta, Taishan county
Ancestral homeland of majority of overseas Chinese

Guangdong (Kwangtung) province in southern China

The first Chinese immigrants came to America during the 1849 Gold Rush

Chinese immigrants made up most of the Central Pacific Railroad's work force, along with
the Union Pacific Railroad, completed the Trans-Continental Railroad in 1869.  Visit the
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum web site for more photos of the
Chinese railroad workers, and the Golden Spike Ceremony held in Promontory Point, Utah, 1869

Anti-Chinese cartoons such as these typified the American political climate which scapegoated
Chinese immigrants and led to the federal Chinese Exclusion Acts of 1882 and 1924.

Immigration certificate (late 19th century)

Angel Island (1910-1940) interrogration of immigrants from China

Angel Island: Chinese poetry reflecting the despair of many Chinese immigrants detained there

Chinese merchant family (late 1800's)

Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Chinese Republic that overthrew the Manchus in 1911

Chinese Americans celebrate founding of the Chinese Republic in 1911

Traveling Chinese opera troupe in America

Racist music, early 20th century

Fu Manchu the villain

House boy (1920's silent film era)

Chinese American film icon, Bruce Lee

Chinese graduate students (circa 1930s)

Chinese American baseball team (circa 1930's)

Chinese Americans in Chicago protest Japanese aggression in China (1931)

Hazel Toy inducted into U.S. Army (1943)

Chinese students at Massachusetts Institute of Tcchnology (1944)

Chinese Americans march in support of America's World War II effort

Contemporary Chinese restaurant kitchen in America

Chinese hand laundry (nearly extinct?)

Contemporary Chinese American grocery store

Contemporary Chinese American garment workers