EAS-100, Section 51 - Introduction to Earth Science
Oakton Community College - Ray Hartstein Campus (Skokie, IL) - Instructor: W. Tong
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Lecture & Lab Schedules  (Part of the Syllabus)  syll2022spring.htm <Click on link to go to the class schedule
1. Course Syllabus Spring 2022 Course Syllabus syll2022spring.htm includes course objectives, lecture and lab schedules, test and grading policies 
Companion web site for your Tarbuck & Lutgens textbook, with practice quizzes and exercises Earth Science,
11th Edition (older edition)
Click on link>
Video lecture supplement Earth Revealed video series https://www.learner.org/series/earth-revealed/ The earth science video series shown in class on DVD, is available on-line through "video on demand." Use this resource to watch a video if you missed class, or to review it before an exam.  Note: the default viewing window may be smaller than your computer monitor, and you will need a high speed Internet connection.  Turn off any pop-up blocker software first.
Advice to Students
How To Do Poorly In This Course dopoorly.htm My tongue-in-cheek guide for achieving willful student mediocrity
a. What Is Science?  What Is Science?  science.htm The goals and objectives of science and earth science 
b. Homework Crossword Puzzless  Homework Assignments,
Spring 2022
hwsched2022sp.htm There are 10 assignments - copy the due dates on cover sheet to each homework
c. Extra Credit Crossword Puzzle Scientific Method puzzle scimethd.htm worth 20 extra points
d. Scientific Method The Scientific Method: Hypothesis to Theory scientificmethod.htm Explains the ground rules of the scientific method and how it used in the earth sciences
Free Crossword Puzzle Clues (only for web site visitors) puzzclue.htm Find one free answer for each homework crossword puzzle, if you visit the link to the left!
d. Puzzle Tips Crossword Puzzle Advice puzzleadvice.htm Useful tips for completing the homework crossword puzzles
2. Cosmic Origins Cosmic Origins of Earth Materials cosmicorigins.htm Introductory lecture summary covering basic physics, astronomy, and chemistry to explain the cosmic origins of the elements found on earth
Origins & Earliest History of the Earth  eartorig.htm Video: Birth of the Earth
Earth's Violent Birth earth_violent_birth.pdf Article about Earth's earliest history, during the period of meteorite and comet bombardment, preceding the age of the oldest Earth rocks [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
The Planets  

Click HERE->
The Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
The Earth in the Solar System  

Click HERE->
Summary of the Earth as part of the Solar System
3. Minerals  What Are Minerals?  minsumry.htm 5 criteria for a substance to qualify as a mineral 
a. mineral groups chart Minerals - Chemical Classification  mingroup.htm Classification of minerals by chemical group
b. Economic minerals  Economic Geology - Mineral Resources  econgeol.htm Brief summary of how minerals are used to support a technological society 
4. Rocks  Rock Vocabulary  rocvocab.htm List of terminology used to describe rocks 
a. Rocks Summary  Rock Talk  rocktalk.htm Summary of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks 
b. Rock Type Classification Rock Classification Charts RockClassificationChart.pdf Classification charts showing the component minerals for 
Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks (suitable for lecture and lab)
c.  Sorting Sorting sorting.htm Diagram explaining how the degree of grain size uniformity (sorting) can be used to interpret the degree of weathering and sediment transport
d.  Rock collecting Rock collecting https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/rock-collecting/ Rock collecting
Lecture Exam 1 Review Review Questions for 
Lecture Exam 1 
lecx1rev.htm Essay style review questions with answers (NOT a substitute for lecture attendance, lecture notes, or text reading)
4b. Soils Clay Minerals & Soils clays.htm Introduction to clay minerals & soils
5. Water  Water Supply of the World WaterSupplyOfTheWorld.pdf Distribution of earth's water

What if All the Water on 

Surface Water & Groundwater surfaceandgroundwater.htm Summary of surface water, stream processes, and groundwater
Wastewater Treatment Basics Wastewater_Treatment.pdf U.S. EPA document explaing how the wastewater treatment process works
6. Glaciers  Glaciers & Glaciation  glacial.htm Summary of glaciers and ice ages 
Geology of Chicago geology_of_chicago.pdf Summary of the geology of the Chicago area, focusing on the impact of the last ice age.
Video of the Perry mastodon
Click HERE->
High definition video that I filmed in 2009 of the Perry mastodon, a well-preserved 11,000 year old ice-age fossil discovered in Glen Ellyn, IL in 1963, and restored as a permanent exhibit at Wheaton College. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Hr342fdRs
Lecture Exam 2 Review Review Questions for
Lecture Exam 2 
lecx2rev.htm Essay style review questions with answers (NOT a substitute for lecture attendance, lecture notes, or text reading)
7. Volcanism  Volcanoes & Volcanism  volcano.htm Summary of volcanic phenomena 
Volcanoes How Volcanoes Work
Click HERE->
Ultimate List of Volcano Teaching Resources
Click HERE->
Yellowstone Park volcanism Yellowstone Park: The Deadly Supervolcano
Click HERE->
8.  Earthquakes How Earthquakes Work
Click HERE->
Earthquake Glossary
Click HERE->
Earthquake Myths Dispelled Earthquake Myths
Click HERE->
Earthquake Prediction  Earthquakes & Abnormal Animal Behavior  aabnorm_anim_behav_earthquakes.pdf Abnormal animal behavior of farm animals prior to earthquakes is well-documented in China and has a long historical record
Tsunamis How Tsunamis Work
Click HERE->
Big Water big_water.pdf Article about the mechanics of tsunamis
9. Plate Tectonics  From Continental Drift to Plate Tectonics  platetec.htm Wegener's continental drift, Holmes' sea floor spreading, paleomagnetism, etc. 
The Story of Earth story of_earth.pdf Article explaining the impact of plate tectonics on earth history   [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Journey To The Center of the Earth journey_to_the_center_of_the_earth.pdf Explanation of the earth's internal structure, based upon geophysical research. http://www.oakton.edu/~billtong/eas100/journey_to_the_center_of_the_earth.pdf
 [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
10. Earth History  Earth History & History of Science  Click here Visit the UC-Berkeley's "Web Geological Time Machine" site, at:
Radiometric Age Dating & The Age of the Earth radiometric_age_dating.pdf Explanation of how the age of the earth was estimated before the discovery of radioactive decay. Exercises involve calculating the age of an object using the half life, and reading a graph of parent/daughter isotope ratios.
Ordering Geologic Events OrderingGeologicEvents.pdf Exercise requires you to show the correct sequence of geological events that produced each geological cross section
Answers to Ordering Geologic Events AnswersToOrderingGeologicEvents.pdf Shows the correct sequence of geological events that produced each geological cross section for the above exercise
11. History of Life  Biological Evolution & History of Life  evlution.htm Summary of basic concepts of fossils and the theory of evolution
Evolution's Big Bang  evolution_big_bang.pdf Magazine cover of 1995 article about the "Cambrian Explosion" - when animals developed hard parts and left a much more visible fossil record.  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
When Life Exploded when_life_exploded.pdf 1995 article about the "Cambrian Explosion" - when animals developed hard parts and left a much more visible fossil record.  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
  Scientists rouse bacterium from 250 million year slumber oldbacteria.htm Chicago Tribune article from 10/19/2000
The Perry Mastodon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Hr342fdRs My high definition video of the restored 11,000 year old fossil mammal discovered in 1963, mounted on a revolving display at Wheaton College
12. Dinosaurs  Introduction To Dinosaurs  dinosaur.htm Summary of different major dinosaur groups and the history of their study in the fossil record
What's Wrong With This Picture?  An Audio Critique of Dinosaur Art
Click HERE->
Thomas Holtz, a paleontologist for the University of Maryland, reflects upon what has changed, and stayed the same, since our 20th-century dinosaur coverage.
Re-writing The Book On Dinosaurs rewriting_the_book_on_dinosaurs.pdf 1993 article about recent fossil discoveries and revised interpretations about dinosaurs [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Dinosaur Hunter dinosaur_hunter.pdf 1993 article profiling professional dinosaur paleontologist Jack Horner and his interpretations of how some dinosaurs cared for their young [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
The Real Jurassic Park real_jurassic_park.pdf 1997 article comparing the science fiction Hollywood movie Jurassic Park (1993) with the real fossil record of dinosaurs [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Dinosaur Family Tree dinosaur_family_tree.pdf Chart summarizing how the dinosaurs evolved through time during the Mesozoic Era [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Last Day of the Dinosaurs 
Click HERE->
Last Day of the Dinosaurs (the day the giant asteroid struck the earth 65 million years ago)
Lecture Exam 3 Review Review Questions for Lec. Exam 3  lecx3rev.htm Essay style review questions with answers (NOT a substitute for lecture attendance, lecture notes, or text reading)
13. Oceanography  Introduction To Oceanography  oceans.htm Summary of the origins and benefits of Earth's oceans 
Deep Sea Life deep_sea_life.pdf Bizarre fish and other creatures of the deep ocean

Who Lives at the Bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Mysteries of the Deep mysteries_of_the_deep.pdf Summary of recent discoveries from deep ocean research
The Other Grand Canyon the_other_grand_canyon.pdf Submarine canyon off the coast of Monterey, California, brings deep sea creatures close to the continent [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Life's Undersea Beginnings life_undersea_beginnings.pdf Article about the mid-ocean ridge hydrotherm vent ecosystem, and how it may represent the earliest cradle of life on earth  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Tube Worm Travels tube_worm_travels.pdf Article about deep-sea tube worms discovered during the late 1970's living in the mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal vent ecosystem  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Venting Concernts venting_concerns.pdf Article about exploring and protecting the mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal vent ecosystem  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
The Iron Hypothesis iron_hypothesis.pdf Article about John Martin's research into fertilizing ocean plankton with soluble iron, in order to consume carbon dioxide  [COLOR HANDOUT - download and print your own.]
Giant Squids! http://www.extremescience.com/giant-squid.htm
Colossal Squid and Giant Squid - seen alive for the first time
Video: How We Found the Giant Squid

Amazing sea creatures web video
http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/206 David Gallo shows jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a shape-shifting cuttlefish, a pair of fighting squid, and a mesmerizing gallery of bioluminescent fish that light up the blackest depths of the ocean. He focuses on the work of two scientists: Edith Widder at the Ocean Research & Conservation Association, and Roger Hanlon at the Marine Biological Lab.
14. Weather Outline of Weather  weather.htm Summary of different elements of weather
National Weather Service
Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning: Nature's Most Violent Storms This up-to-date PDF link is most suitable for viewing: 
This older PDF link is the best to use for printing the color handout:
How Lightning Works
Click on link-->
How Tornadoes Work
Click on link-->
National Weather Service Severe Weather 101: Tornado Basics
Click on link-->
How Hurricanes Work
Click on link-->
Global Warming
Click on link-->
Lecture Exam 4 Review Review Questions for 
Lecture Exam 4 
lecx4rev.htm Essay style review questions with answers (NOTa substitute for lecture attendance, lecture notes, or text reading)
15. Miscellaneous/Humorous Field Trip Photos #1 ../tristate97 See what real rock outcrops look like - my photos from  the 1997 Tri-State Geological Field Conference (LaSalle, IL) - 2 of my Oakton students attended that year
Field Trip Photos #2 ../tristate2000 See what real rock outcrops look like - my photos from the 2000 Tri-State Geological Field Conference (Collinsville, IL)
Crystal Cave of the Giants http://www.canyonsworldwide.com/crystals/index.html World's largest crystals, the size of pine trees, found in colossal caves in Mexico
  April Fool's Day Crossword Puzzle aprilfoolspuzzle.htm Contains slightly deranged definitions of earth science words
  Superman the Geologist  superman.htm My speculations about the famous comic book superhero as an earth scientist
Global Warning globwarn.htm My satirical poem about the politics behind scientific issues
Spoof of creationism creation.htm My fictitious college course catalog which pokes fun at creationism in the academic world
Geological I.Q. Test geoquiz.htm A tongue-in-cheek multiple choice test with no right answers
Rockne's Believe It Or Not List geofunnies.htm A collection of actual, often humorus answers compiled by various grad students from student exams during the 1980s
The "Assn. of Aptly-Named Geologists" membership roster AANG-list.htm Wouldn't it be great if geologists each had names that fit their particular specialty?
Where Have All The Fossils Gone? Song parody fossilsgone.htm A re-write of  "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"
Geology major's resume resume.htm Resume of Mr. Hoogivs A. Schist
My Other Web Sites Folk music, parodies, travel to China, hobbies, etc.
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Astronomy, NASA Top 25 Astronomy NASA Photos of All time
Astronomy, Observatories Top 25 Public Observatories 
Essays by Sarah Andrews Why Study Geology?


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