Hinterland State College
Course Descriptions


CSCI 101 - PRINCIPLES OF CREATION: Study of the mechanism of the Creation, and discussion of arguments against the validity of evolution.

CSCI 102 - PRINCIPLES OF CATASTROPHISM: Explanation of the geology of the Earth through the study of traces of the Deluge; Wernerian principles of geology; discussion of past catastrophic events that affected life on earth.

CSCI 103 - FLOOD GEOLOGY: Detailed study of flood deposits in the rock record; fossils; and introduction to short-range geochronology up to 10,000 years.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 101, 102)

CSCI 201 - THE ICE AGE: Study of the first and only Ice Age as one of the major catastrophic events which produced present life forms and explained major extinctions of past life forms.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 101, 102)

CSCI 205 - ROCKS OF AGES & MINERALS: Study of important rocks and minerals and their application toward creationist research; sedimentary origin of diamonds.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 101, 102)

CSCI 210 - EVOLUTION VS. CREATION: Detailed study of creation of life and the earth, and formal disproof of the theory of evolution.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 101, 102, 103)

CSCI 230 - HISTORY OF SCIENCE:  History of the great natural philosophers and their contributions to creation science; detailed arguments against renegade theorists such as Darwin, Lyell, Hutton, and Einstein.

CSCI 301 - INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY: Study of extinct and living forms of invertebrate life and the disproof of their alleged transition to vertebrate life; study of the contemporal creation of all life.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 210)

CSCI 302 -VERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY: Study of the short geological reign of extinct forms of vertebrate life, with special reference to the dinosaurs which once existed contemporaneously with ancient man.  One field trip is required to Texas fossil localities displaying fossil footprints of man and dinosaurs.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 210)

CSCI 320 - NEOGEOCHRONOLOGY:  Study of techniques for measuring the true age of the earth and past life, disproof of traditional radiometric dating methods, fossil correlation, uniformitarianism and old age theories of the earth which exceed 10,000 years.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 210)

CSCI 325 - SEMINAR IN CREATION SCIENCE: Topics of interest, research, or relevancy in contemporary scientific creationism.  Current topics include: "The Fallacies of Darwinism and Evolution," and "The Government Conspiracy to Suppress Creationism."

CSCI 340 - NEOSTRATIGRAPHY:  Stratigraphic correlation of flood deposits and the creationist model.  (Prerequisites: CSCI 301 or 302)

CSCI 343 - ADVANCED FLOOD GEOLOGY: Detailed study of catastrophic flood events and readjustment of life after the Deluge; explanation of major geologic structures as flood deposits.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 103)

CSCI 345 - FIELD STUDY IN CREATION SCIENCE: Six day field trip to Texas fossil localities revealing the contemporaneous existence of humans and extinct life (seventh day of rest provided).  Note: separate sections of this class will be reserved for men, women, and transfer students; housing provided through arrangements with Texas Panhandle Liberty College.  Approximate cost of course: $3,000.  (Prerequisite: CSCI 101, 102, 103, 205, 301, 343)


CSCI 401 - ADVANCED CREATION: Modern research on special creation of life and early rejected forms of humans (so-called Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, and Homo erectus).

CSCI 405 - THERMODYNAMICS & NON-EVOLUTION: Application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics towards disproving the evolutionist model and supporting the creationist model; statistical techniques for disproving the mechanistic, random development of life from non-life.

CSCI 410 - COSMOLOGICAL CREATION: Creation of the Universe and the Earth; disproof of the so-called Big Bang and Steady State theories of origin.

CSCI 413 - FUTURE CATASTROPHISM: Study of the pattern of catastrophes and extinctions of life on Earth, and their recurrence in the near future.  Discussion of preparation for the new order of life on Earth with the continuity of a drastically smaller human community.  Advanced prediction of geological and ecological disasters, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, hurricanes, and Islamic revolutions.

CSCI 422 - CATASTROPHISM & THE GEOLOGIC RECORD: Advanced study of the geologic record and correlation of evidence of catastrophic geological events.  Synthesis of flood geology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and historical geology.

CSCI 440 - MASTER'S THESIS FOR SCIENTIFIC CREATIONISM:  Required research thesis on contemporary issues regarding creation science, in consultation with a faculty member.

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©1982 by Bill Tong.  The preceding was a spoof.   This bogus catalog was inspired by the 1982 Arkansas law which mandated "equal time" for the teaching of "creation science" alongside evolution in the public school system; in federal court, this law was declared an unconstitutional breach of the separation of church and state, and that "creation science was not science, but thinly-disguised religion").   In light of a similar policy adopted in 1999 by the state of Kansas, these issues are still relevant today.