How To Do Poorly In This Course

Good grades don't just happen; they are the result of hard and consistently good work on the part of the student.  However, if hard work isn't for you, here is a recipe for mediocrity...
  1. Attend lecture only when you feel like it. Leave early when you feel like it. Skip watching the videotape altogether. Act surprised when you find out you're missing half of the handouts because you forgot to ask your instructor, and didn't bother to check the web site for this class.  Pretend you know all of the lecture material, and don't ask your instructor any questions to clarify concepts.

  3. Attend lab only when you feel like it. Stare at the lab specimens and handouts and pretend you know what's going on. Let your lab partner(s) do all the work. Don't ask questions of your lab partners, or your instructor.

  5. Do your homework only when you feel like it. Come up with novel excuses for handing homework in late.

  7. Don't bother studying for the exams. Don't read the lecture exam review sheets, or ask questions of your instructor. Don't bother studying the mineral and rock specimens at the Testing Center. Don't bother completing the topographic map assignments at the Library.

  9. Be habitually absent on the dates when exams are scheduled. Don't bother informing your instructor that you were absent, and that you need to make up the exam. Come up with novel excuses why you missed the exam(s).

  11. Don't discuss the status of your grades with your instructor from time to time.