Global  Warning
by Bill Tong

Science mixed with politics is a volatile mix
Pseudo-science policy is a bag of dirty tricks
For science has its hired guns, and bottom lines hold sway
Consultants slant their views to match one ones who give their pay

Corrupted by big money, as if thatís all they'll need
Are some who do the research, just driven by their greed
Like H-bombs and the arms race that enriched the lucky few
They care not for the consequences of what they chose to do

The world of geopolitics offers no solution
For changes and reductions we need to curb pollution
Some harken back to good old days when things were laissez-faire
They ought to try out living in those waste dumps, if they dare

The lifestyle of consumption and cars that burn more gas;
The age of cheap crude oil and energy will soon pass
The fossil fuels that took so many million years to form
Were used up in two centuries, and caused the Earth to warm

To question global warming, while calling for no action
Ignores the urgent warnings; it's time for fast reaction
For some folks, itís more urgent - disastrous, if you please
Their island nations flooded under warm and rising seas

The world is a fragile place, much more than they'd admit
So long as money's flowing, the cheapest fix will fit
The firms with all the money will whine that there's no justice
They say "don't try to change us - we know what's best; just trust us"

Copyright    1999 by William K. Tong