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Puzzle 1: Minerals
12-DOWN:  "Basal (1-directional) cleavage, typically shown by T H I N sheets of minerals."

Puzzle 2: Rocks
13-ACROSS:  "Fossils such as those found in sedimentary rocks, are evidence of ancient L I F E."

Puzzle 3: Groundwater
13-DOWN:  "Zone where water can enter the ground and fill an aquifer (2 "non-technical" words).
I N T A K E   A R E A

Puzzle 4: Glaciers
21-DOWN:  "Glacial ice that undergoes seasonal warming becomes M E L T W A T E R."

Puzzle 5: Volcanoes
29-ACROSS:  "The driving force for volcanism is the flow of the earth's internal  H E A T."

Puzzle 6: Earthquakes
20-ACROSS:. "While earthquakes may be measured at the surface, they always occur somewhere  I N S I D E  the earth."

Puzzle 7: Plate Tectonics
18-DOWN:  "The major component of the earth's core."   I R O N

Puzzle 8: Geologic Time
3-DOWN. From ancient Greek, the word for "terrible" as in  "terrible lizards" (Mesozoic land reptiles).  D I N O

Puzzle 9: Oceanography
14-DOWN. A severe weather pattern that stops   S H O R T  of 75 m.p.h. wind speed is a tropical storm."

Puzzle 10: Weather
22-DOWN:  "Frozen water."    I C E