Advice For Completing Earth Science Crossword Puzzles

1.    Use pencil, not pen or magic marker to complete your crossword puzzles.  More than likely, you will have to erase and change your answers, and Liquid Paper is messy to work with.

2.   Keep your puzzle clues (questions) sheet attached to respective puzzle grid.  When I grade and hand back your papers, you will understand my corrections much better if you can refer back to the clues sheet.

3.    Don't wait until the last minute to work on your crossword puzzles, and don't try to do them during lecture! Try to hand them in before the due date, if possible to earn 5 extra points.  If you were absent from class and missed the lecture, look up the web site, and download and print out the necessary lecture handouts you may need as reference materials:

4.    If you have difficulty completing the crossword puzzles, work with a classmate, if possible, but make sure you debate some of your answers and don't just assume a particular person has them all correct.  Many times, students copy other classmates' mistakes!

5.    You should use your textbook (index, glossary, and text chapters) lecture and lab handouts, and your own lecture notes as resources for finding the puzzle answers.  However, do not assume that ALL of the puzzle answers will be found ONLY in the textbook, or ONLY in the assigned textbook chapter matching the theme of the puzzle.  It is possible that vocabulary words from previous chapters may be included in order to complete the puzzle grid.

6.    Do not assume that every puzzle answer will "leap" off the pages of your textbook or a handout.  Not every answer will necessarily be earth science jargon; some may be common everyday words, but used in an earth science context.

7.    Do not just "throw in" a word or deliberately misspell an answer just because it fits the grid; if you do this, most likely one or more of the cross-linked answers will be marked wrong.  Make sure you look up the definition of the word you use; if it doesn't match the clue very well, don't use it, because it may affect your choices for other answers that crosslink with it - this is especially true if the answer in question is a long word.

8.   If you have made an honest effort, but you are still stuck on a puzzle after many hours of struggle, e-mail me at  and I will see if I can help you get "unstuck."

9.    Although I make every effort to grade your homework in a timely fashion, you should make photocopies of your crosswords so that you have them to study from while preparing for your exams.

10.    Keep ALL of your graded homework and graded exam papers filed for safekeeping just in case I've made an error in recording your grade(s).  I will periodically post grades anonymously by student number; if you see a missing grade or incorrectly scored grade, contact me immediately, and I will correct my gradebook.