(a bit of geo-fantasy)
By Bill Tong

  Imagine if a man with superpowers really did exist - the comic book hero, Superman, would probably be our first choice. Long-time readers of Superman comics may recall past "imaginary" tales depicting what Superman would have done had he retired from fighting crime - invariably, the comic book writers converted the retired crime-fighter into a super-doctor researching miracle cures for deadly diseases. Such scenarios lack imagination - Superman would better serve humanity as a geologist! There is good rationale for this idea; remember that Superman was sent to Earth due to a geological catastrophe (planetary core explosion) on his home planet. A super-powered geologist would fill a severe technological gap in the study of the Earth (especially the study of the Earth's interior). As a mere doctor, Superman's individual efforts could probably be matched by a large team of medical workers. Imagine a superhuman geologist who could do all of these things by himself:

With all of these choices, even Superman wouldn't want to tackle all of them at once, although with his super-speed, it probably wouldn't take that long. As a personal quest, though, he might want to investigate the mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of Kryptonite (wearing a lead radiation suit, of course)!

This essay has been translated into Estonian by Karolin Lohmus:

This essay has been translated into Russian by Michael Taylor:

Copyright © 1986 by William K. Tong