EAS-100, Section 51: Introduction to Earth Science
Oakton Community College - Ray Hartstein Campus (Skokie, IL)
Instructor: W. Tong
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Laboratory Schedule (Part of Class Syllabus) Check your lab schedule to see which handouts you will need syll2022spring.htm <Click on link to go directly to the lab schedule
1. Mineral Identification What Are Minerals?  minsumry.htm same as the lecture handout 
a. Mohs Hardness Mohs Hardness Test  hardness.htm how to test hardness of mineral
b.  Mineral Groups Mineral  Groups  Using Chemical Classification mingroup.htm chemical groupings of common minerals
c. NEW! Minerals, in photos Mineral Identification with photos Click HERE Includes crystal habit, cleavage, hardness testing
d. NEW! Mineral cleavage Mineral_Cleavage.pdf diagram of different types of cleavage in minerals
e. Physical Properties Description Chart Description of Physical Properties of Minerals
(Lab #1)
physprop.htm physical properties should be observed and systematically recorded in order to identify the assigned minerals
f. Lab #1 data sheet  Physical Properties of Minerals  lab1min.htm collect data on physical properties to help identify 5 unknown minerals in lab 
g. Lab #2 data sheet  Non-Silicate Minerals  lab2min.htm identify non-silicate minerals in lab 
h. Lab #3 data sheet  Silicate Minerals  lab3min.htm identify silicate minerals in lab 
i. Mineral Reference Guide  Mineral Identification Tables 
(Labs 1, 2, 3)
mintable.htm reference chart to be used for Labs 1, 2, 3; compare your data with this chart 
j. Study Tips for Lab Exam 1  Study Tips for Mineral Identification  minstudy.htm how to study effectively for Lab Exam 1 
k. Review Charts for Minerals Mineral Identification Study Guides  minnonsi.htm


For lab exam preparation: 2 study/review sheets covering mineral specimens (non-silicates and silicates) assigned during Labs 1, 2 and 3. 
2. Rock Identification Rock Vocabulary  rocvocab.htm same as the lecture handout 
a. Igneous Rocks  Igneous Rocks  ignrxsum.htm lab lecture summary of igneous rocks 
b. Lab #4 data sheet  Worksheet for Igneous Rocks & Study Guide lab4igrx.htm
collect data to identify igneous rocks; answer key is 2nd link
c. Sedimentary Rocks  Sedimentary Rocks  sedrxsum.htm lab lecture summary of sedimentary rocks
d. Lab #5 data sheet  Worksheet for Sedimentary Rocks  lab5sedr.htm
collect data to identify sedimentary rocks; answer key is the 2nd link
e. Metamorphic Rocks  Metamorphic Rocks  metrxsum.htm lab lecture summary of metamorphic rocks 
f. Lab #6 data sheet  Worksheet for Metamorphic Rocks  lab6metr.htm
collect data to identify metamorphic rock 
g. Study Tips for Lab Exam 2  Study Tips for Rock Identification  rk-study.htm how to study for Lab Exam 2 on rock identification
h. Review Charts for Rocks  Rock Identification Study Guides ignrxkey.htm
study/review sheets for assigned rock specimens for Labs 4, 5, and 6
3. Map Interpretation Introduction To Maps  mapintro.htm explanation of different map types, and how they are read and constructed
NEW!  Topographic maps video tutorial on contour lines Click HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SymUFSwEm3c
a. Map Scales  Map Scales & Units  mapscale.htm how to use and convert map scales 
b. Lab #7 booklet  Topographic Maps  lab7tmap.htm

Diagram answers

On-line version of  8-page Lab 7 work booklet, and answers to practice problem diagrams
c. Township & Range  Using Township & Range Coordinates on Topographic Maps topogrid.htm how to locate points using township and range coordinates
d. Lab #8 - Topographic Profiles  Topographic Profile Exercise  topoprof.htm Draw a topographic profile across a stream valley, using 2 different vertical exaggerations
e. Topo. Map Exercise #1  Palmetto, FL  topopalm.htm
requires use of "Palmetto, FL" 7.5 minute series quadrangle map 
f. Lab #9 - Topographic Map Exercise #2  Highland Park, IL  topohigh.htm
requires use of "Highland Park, IL" 7.5 minute series quadrangle map 
g. Topo. Map Exercise #3  Park Ridge, IL  topopark.htm
requires use of "Park Ridge, IL" 7.5 minute series quadrangle map
h. Crossword Puzzle  Topographic Maps  tmapspuz.htm

word list

review of topographic maps terminology - highly recommended exercise! word list is included, so do not hand it in
i. Lab Exam 3 study guide  Preparation Guide For Lab Exam 3  tmapstdy.htm what will be covered on maps exam 
4. Lab #10 - Earthquake Exercise Locate An Earthquake Epicenter  lab10quake.htm compare and contrasts 2 methods for locating an earthquake epicenter -
a. Lag Time  Handling Math Calculations and Word Problems  lagtime.htm how to interpret word problems to select the correct equation for calculating lag time 
5. Lab #11 - Weather Instruments Lab exercise booklet  lab11.htm sling psychrometer and relative humidity, reading mercury barometer
a. Relative humidity  Relative humidity chart  relhumid.htm to be used with sling psychrometer data gathered in lab 
6. Lab #12 - Weather Map Interpretation Lab exercise booklet for use with a weather map lab12wmap.htm interpret stational symbols on a real weather map
Daily Weather Maps Key National Weather Service booklet daily_weather_maps_key.pdf learn how to interpret symbolic weather station symbols used on weather maps
Weather Map Color weather map from Feb. 15, 1987 weather_map_021587.pdf weather map used for Lab #12