For questions 1 -> 5, give the correct Township-Range grid locations of the following landmarks or topographic features on the map:

1. Palmetto Jr. High School, north of Memphis Road, near Route 41:


2. Little Bird Key, near Latitude 27o 32' 30" North, west end of map:


3. Lincoln Memorial School, located between the towns of Memphis and Palmetto:


4. Southwest corner of intersection of Route 683 and Mendoza Road:


5. Innermost region of Clambar Bay, located within the Tampa Bay:


6. What is the longest distance (to the nearest 100 feet) across the water body known as Critical Bayou? In miles (nearest 1/10)?

7. Locate the SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 26, T33S, R17E. What is the name of this area? Are there any contour lines which indicate a depression rather than a hill? How do you know this?

8. What is the highest topographic elevation point in the SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 33, T33S, R18E? (X marks the spot!)


9. What is the map distance, to the nearest 100 feet, from Bird Key to Little Bird Key? Give the township and range coordinates of Bird Key:


10. What are the blue lines in the water bodies called? What do they represent? What contour interval is used for these blue lines?

11. What is the Longitude & Latitude of the NE corner of this map? How much of the earth's curvature (what angle) is represented by this map?