Earth Science Lab #8 - Topographic Profile Exercise
1.    The above topographic map shows a river flowing through a valley.  In which geographic direction does the stream flow?  How do you know the stream's direction?  What is the contour interval?
2.    Construct a topographic profile (cross-sectional view of the land surface) defined by the East-West profile line "A-B."  Lay a sheet of blank paper below line A-B.  Mark off the positions of the end points A and B, then mark off the positions and elevations of the contours and the stream which intersect the profile line.  Move the sheet of paper to the vertical elevation box below, line up Points A and B with the margins of this box, and transfer the positions of the elevation contours to the appropriate elevation line.  Draw a smooth profile line connecting the points.  Your profile must be drawn all the way across without any gaps.  (You will need to interpolate the elevation of the stream, point A and point B, by reading their relative positions to the nearest known contours.)  Draw another profile in the second box below, which has a vertical exaggeration double that of the first box.  Your profile should show a typical V-shaped stream valley.

Copyright © 1994 by William K. Tong