Mobile playback of CaptureCast™ presentations

You can download and view published presentations from the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

Viewing a presentation on a mobile device

If you have access to your institution or course Capture Portal, you can access and download MP3 and MP4 versions of an on-demand presentation to listen to or view offline. This is a less bandwidth-intensive, and therefore easier, method of taking your presentation "to-go".

Note  The mobile interface for the Capture Portal "flattens" the CaptureCast viewer, so that the playback displays as video and slides (or any other way presenter has configured the viewer) without the option to toggle between views.

Download an on-demand CaptureCast presentation to a mobile device

  1. Click the presentation on the portal's home page.
  2. On the presentation viewing page, click Download (MP4/480p) for video and audio, or Download (MP3) for just audio.

Note  Your administrator can enable or disable the ability to download or view CaptureCast presentations on different platforms. Therefore, if a presentation doesn't have the option to download available, or if you're having trouble viewing the mobile Capture Portal interface, contact your Administrator.


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