Viewing a CaptureCast™ presentation

Users can view CaptureCast presentations from two locations:

You can only view live presentation within their pre-determined time slots. A "Stream not found" message displays if you view a live presentation outside of its time slot.

The CaptureCast viewer interface is comprised of an Audio-visual view, a Slide view, a group of four Toggle view icons, a Chapter and slide timeline, and a Search and navigation menu.

CaptureCast™ viewer interface

Toggle views

Click the icons to manage how slides and video appear in your CaptureCast viewer:

Search and navigate a presentation

Click the Search & Navigation icon to bring up a menu of chapters and slides, along with the times they appear in the presentation. You can also do the following within this menu:

Toggle closed captioning

If a presentation also contains closed captions, you can toggle their display in the CaptureCast viewer. Click the Turn on/off subtitles icon to turn closed captions on or off.

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