Tagging your content

Tags are keywords or descriptive labels that you add to items to help categorize them. For example, you can tag items with course codes, subjects, topics, purpose, or status. You can search both your own ePortfolio and others’ shared items by tags.

Add a tag

  1. Click Edit from the context menu of an artifact, reflection, presentation, collection, or learning objective.
  2. Enter the tag in the New Tags field, and click Add Tag.
  3. Click Save and Close.


Enter multiple tags at once by separating words using spaces.

Use quotes " to create multi-word tags, e.g., “winter project”.

Use the @ symbol in front of a tag to make it a private tag only you can see, e.g., @draft.

The search tool matches parts of words and phrases (e.g. searching for "read" will match "reading" and "Reading Materials").

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