Understanding My Items

My Items consolidates all of your artifacts, reflections, presentations, collections, and learning objectives into a single view, enabling you to view, search, and manage all of your content from one location. From the My Items page you can:

Your ePortfolio items display in a list that you can sort by name or date modified, ascending or descending. Filters at the top of the list enable you to search and manage specific sets of content; you can filter by item type or sharing status.

Activity icons

Once you share items with others and they provide comments or rubric assessments, icons that represent this activity appear beside your items in the My Items listing.

Activity icons indicate an item's sharing and feedback count.

An image artifact from the My Items listing

You can click on these icons to view details about which individuals or groups you are sharing an item with or review comments and rubric assessments made on that item.

Clicking on the sharing group icon or individual icon opens an item's Sharing Settings dialog. From here you can modify who can access your item. Clicking on the feedback icon opens an item's View page where you can review comments and rubric assessments from others.

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