Creating personal tasks

Use Tasks to keep your course events distinct from your personal tasks.

  1. Create tasks
  2. Add task details
  3. Adjust upcoming tasks default duration
  4. Mark a task complete
  5. Viewing completed tasks
  6. Display or hide completed tasks
  7. Delete tasks

Create tasks

  1. Enter the name of the task in the Add a task… field.
  2. Click the task name to add a due date and notes to your task or to delete your task.

Add task details

The system will automatically sort the tasks into Today, Upcoming, and Someday in the main task pane, depending on their due date.

  1. Click the task name to show task details.
  2. Click directly on the No due date text to bring up a date selector field.
  3. Select a due date, and click the Save due date icon.
  4. Add explanatory notes to your task. Click on the Add a note... field to enter your notes.

Adjust upcoming tasks default duration

  1. Click Settings in the calendar views area.
  2. In the Tasks Options section, select your preferred Upcoming Tasks Default Durations using the drop-down list.

Mark a task complete

Select the checkbox beside the task name in the task pane. The task disappears from view, but remains in your searchable task archive.

Note  Tasks will only disappear when you mark them complete if you have selected Hide completed tasks in the drop-down list under Completed Tasks in Settings.

Viewing completed tasks

You can bring up a list of completed tasks by clicking View Completed Tasks in the task pane. However, you can choose to display completed tasks for a certain period of time in the task pane before they are hidden.

Display or hide completed tasks

  1. Click Settings in the calendar views area.
  2. Under Completed Tasks, select your preferred setting for completed tasks using the drop-down list.

Delete tasks

To Do this
Delete one task
  1. Click on the task name to see task details.
  2. Click the Delete icon.
Delete multiple tasks
  1. Click the context menu for Tasks.
  2. Select Delete. On the Confirmation page, choose the type of tasks to select for bulk deletion.
  3. Click Delete.

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