Online Course Login Instructions
Oakton Community College


Instructor:  Leslie A. W. Van Wolvelear, CPA, CGMA
Professor of Accounting
Student Advisor for Accounting Program

Office:  DP 3610
Phone: (847) 376-7135



Logging into Online Courses:

Students link to online courses via the My Courses channel in MyOakton.

The student login ID and password is the same as your My Oakton login.

The format for student login IDs (including WebCT IDs and Oakton email addresses is:
<first initial><up to seven letters of the last name><last four digits of their Oakstar ID>*

For example, a student named George Washington with Banner ID: B1234567, would have the Oakton login ID gwashing4567.  NOTE: The system is case sensitive.

*The Banner ID number is assigned by the College.  You can find your Oakstar ID number on your students' bill.

Initial password is your 6-digit birth date. 
For example, a birth date of December 17, 2002 would create the password 121702.

Students may look up their ID information online at  

Information Technology for Students: