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Below are links to information about Oakton processes, procedures, and resources.  The main OAKTON HOME PAGE  is also a good source, of course.

If you have further questions, please contact Paul Boisvert, at  847- 635 - 1935, pboisver@oakton.edu  , or   Mary Hope Griffin at   maryhope1@comcast.net  

All Phone Numbers can be dialed internally with just the last 4 digits, from either campus.  Any person or dept. can be easily reached by dialing the
Main Switchboard at 847 635 1600, and pressing 0 to ask the Operator to connect you.  

There are NO MORE HARDCOPIES of Oakton College Phone Directories (we have gone Green!)  INSTEAD:
See the Online Phone Directory for complete info on any Oakton employee or department--this is a VERY USEFUL Resource!

COPY CENTER EMAIL:   copycenter@oakton.edu      Phone:  x1652     Submit work to be copied by email from off campus!

Frequently Sought Web Pages:     
WebMail --access your Oakton e-mail from Home.       
 Academic Calendar

 MyOakton (to access "Banner", Oakton's computerized Student and Employee Records management system)
     Use this portal to get access to your class rosters, student transcripts, employee and pay records, submit grades, and more.         

Oakton Computer Help Desk         Phone:  847- 635 - 1965       Room:  1710 Des Plaines       E-mail: helpdesk@oakton.edu

Adjunct Faculty Digest:  comprehensive guidance on teaching at Oakton for adjuncts, particularly new ones.  
          To access it, click on MyOakton above,   log in,   click on the Employee Tab near the top,
          then click on "Adjunct Faculty Digest" from the list on the right under Faculty-Staff Links.

Academic Department Info
IT Software Knowledge Bank  If you need Oakton software, or instructions on using it!

New Faculty Computer Account--Get One Now!
Library at Oakton:  A huge set of resources, worth completely familiarizing yourself with.

Faculty/Staff Page
OCCFA HomePage--Faculty Association (the Union--for Full-Timers).  Has Online version of Current FT Faculty Union Contract

Oakton AFA Homepage--Adjunct Faculty Assoc'n (the Union--for Adjuncts and Part-Timers). Has Online version of Current Adjunct Faculty Union Contract
Online Room Request Scheduling :  Go into My Oakton, choose the Employee Tab, then the Campus Scheduling Window (2nd one down on Right.)
Need a Notary Public here at Oakton?  There are several-- call the President's office x1801, and ask the staff about who is currently a Notary.

Counselors: To quickly reach a counselor, Call   Counseling Services:    x1744 (for either Campus.)      Room A100 at Skokie,    Room 2270 at DP
Counseling Services Web Page   Generally, at least one counselor is on duty there during the day and evening.  If, rarely, no counselor is there, someone there will know how to contact one.

Online Phone Directory of Oakton Personnel and Departments
Division Offices: 


Division  1:  Science and Health Careers                 Lee Center   Room 100      x 1684
Division  2:  Math and Technologies                                      DP   Room 2180    x 1688
Division  3:  Languages, Humanities, and Arts                       DP  Room 2430    x 1950
Division  4:  Social Science and Business                              DP  Room 2817    x 1910

Oakton Computer Help Desk         Phone:  847- 635 - 1965       Room:  1710 Des Plaines       E-mail: helpdesk@oakton.edu
           . Hours:  8:00 am to 6:00 pm   
Call them first if you are having an immediate computer problem, or contact them in any way you wish for any general information technology questions.  They are very helpful!  

After 6 pm, or on weekends, 
call and leave a message at ext. 1965 if you have computer problems that can be looked at the next regular business day.  
For urgent issues after 6 pm or on weekends, please call a lab coordinator:
 At Des Plaines lab coordintators can be reached at ext. 1746, or ext. 1849 or ext. 2627.
     At Skokie lab coordinators can be reached at ext. 1488.  

Oakton Information Tech Knowledge Bank   Official On-line Guide to Using the Oakton Computer Network, including E-Mail.

Instructional Media Services     x1995 ,  Room 1815 Des Plaines      or       x1431 , Room A-221 RHC
             All Audio-Visual and Media Technology resources are handled by this department.  Call them or drop by for info.
       Instructional Materials Available in IMS  -- Online listing of all IMS instructional materials, great source!

The Learning Center        x1658 , Room 2400 DP or    x1434 , Room A-135 RHC
         Tutoring     Assessment Testing    ESL  Disability Services    Study Skills & More!
         The quickest way to find necessary info may be to click on the folowing link:  Frequently Asked Questions About the Learning Center

Testing Center     x1939 ,  Room 2409 DP  or       x1446  ,  Room A-135 RHC
             A very valuable resource, makes makeup tests a breeze!  Will handle testing for special needs students, and all testing is completely secure.
             This is one of the best of the many effective and efficient faculty support services here at Oakton.

Center For Professional Development      x1614 , Room 2410 DP  or     x1437 , Room B-212 RHC
             For WORKSHOPS on professional devolpment, to incorporate technology in your classroom, to improve your pedagogy and assessment,
             and for many other faculty services, this is the place to contact.  If you're not sure, ask them, and they'll help you solve your problem!

Academic Computing Committee Web Page    To find out about all aspects of using the computer resources on campus.

Pedagogy, Teaching and Educational Resources:

Teaching Tips  Many helpful links and resources for new and veteran teachers alike.

Virtual Field Trips  The American Library Association's online resource links from museums around the world.  Individual links to many good ones, plus links to other compilations of such sites with thousands more.  You need to browse down a bit to get to the links.

Arts and Letters Daily from the Chronicle of Higher Education  A very comprehensive online review of books, reviews, and articles on current culture.
Among its excellent resources are thorough and well-organized lists of links to online versions of magazines, journals, and columnists, from the far left to the far right with everything in between.

Library Research Guide and Web Letter    These guidelines can help any teacher create effective research assignments, develop students' ability to find, evaluate and use information efficiently, and give students a positive library experience.  A 3-part focus on the process before, during, and after the assignment is followed by a section on alternatives to the research paper, with many helpful references to other web-sites and books.  Must reading for all faculty library-users!

Draft of Academic Integrity "Best Practices" Document   This spells out what it means, in the opinion of a large group of Oakton Faculty members, to exercise and embody Academic Integrity in the practice of our profession.  An excellent source of ideas for any teacher--there is no better single depiction of the expectations for excellence in teaching on the part of Oakton faculty members.

Online WebPage Construction Guide   If you can create and save a Microsoft Word document, you can have your own basic webpage going in an hour or less.  No computer coding used--just highlight, click, and type.  Try it, and/or feel free to call me for one-on-one help.

www.Plagiarism.Org  "The online resource for educators concerned with the growing problem of Internet plagiarism. This site is designed to provide the latest information on online plagiarism and explain how our user portal, Turnitin.com, is now being used by educators all over the world to fight plagiarism."

U. of Wisconsin Student Online Guide to Quoting Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism   Good guide for students.

MIT Online Courses -- Free Online Resources from actual MIT courses

Articles on Critical Thinking     A list and description of articles on Critical Thinking (and links to other topics) from the Indiana University Campus Writing Program.  Nice resource for any classes that involve Critical Thinking and/or writing--i.e., ALL classes!

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