Humanities and Philosophy

Des Plaines, Skokie
Summer and Fall Registration
Registration for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 is now open. We have some great classes lined up for the coming semesters that will definitely give you global perspective on different areas of Humanities and Philosophy. Some classes that we could recommend for the Summer are Global Cinema (HUM 161 1E1), World Mythologies (HUM 210 1E1), and Asian Humanities (HUM 220 1E1). These courses are all 3 week courses that begin May 16th and will fulfill the credits for both Humanities and Global Studies. You can register through your MyOakton account or by going to the Enrollment Center. See you in class.
Des Plaines
What a Success
Our exciting event, Creating Justice, has come to an end, but it is time to thank the presenters, sponsors, and of course the audience. We had an amazing turn out of over 200 people, and we are glad to hear such great responses from those who attended. We all came together to share new and eye-opening ideas and stories, and through presentations and workshops, we truly created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Let us not forget the amazing food and live music that we danced to in the evening. Thank you all for making Creating Justice 2016 such a success, and we hope to see you all again next Spring.
Des Plaines, Skokie
New Classes in Des Plaines
Our department is proud to announce two new classes Introduction to LGBTQ studies (HUM 141),taught by Lindsey Hewitt and Topics in Philosophy:Human Nature and Ethics (PHL 290),taught by Tom Bowen. Topics in Philosophy:Human Nature and Ethics is a student-faculty seminar that offers a unique opportunity for Philosophy students.